H-Net This Week (Roundup from around the Commons for the week of June 16 - 22, 2017)

H-Net This Week ArchiveJune 16 - 22, 2017

Network News

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Network Publications

H-Nutrition update on What is a Recipe? project

H-Nutrition What is a Recipe? contributions: 

H-Diplo ISSF policy series: Stability versus Flexibility in Trumpian Foreign Policy

H-Diplo article reviews:

H-Diplo roundtable: Busted Sanctions: Explaining Why Economic Sanctions Fail


H-Asia discusses slides of China in the 1980s to give away

H-War discusses theory of study versus theory of doctrine

H-World discusses failed critical thinking skills in college graduates

H-Women discusses biographies of living subjects

H-OralHist discusses best medium to return recorded interviews

H-CivWar discusses Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott's 1860 memo

H-Judaic discusses Miriam's drum

H-Haiti shares interview with Bertin M. Louis, author of My Soul Is in Haiti 


H-PRC subscriber inquires about consular missions outside of Beijing under Mao

H-Medieval subscriber asks about the value of écu in today's money

H-New-Jersey subscriber inquires about the pronunciation of a few New Jersey towns

H-PCAACA subscriber asks about reproduction rights for 1980's Cosmo magazines

H-Judaic subscriber asks about Bahya ben Asher quoting a ḥadith

H-PRC subscriber asks for data on Gaokao scores in post-Mao China

H-High-S subscriber seeks narrative US history text for high school students

H-Afro-Am subscriber seeks historiography on Reconstruction-era education

H-Migration subscriber seeks sources for teaching the current refugee crisis

H-Africa subscriber seeks resources discussing Africa's relationship with China

H-Folk subscriber seeks collaborators on project about Arabian fairy tails

Research Resources

H-Haiti shares article discussing Haitian mourning rituals

H-Pennsylvania shares PA election archive

H-New-Jersey shares Garden State Legacy Issue 36

H-War shares article questioning the place of animals in modern conflicts

H-Mideast-Medieval shares online access project on the medical corpus of the Cairo Genizah

H-HistBibl shares article about accessibility to open access collections

Teaching Resources

H-Digital-History shares 360-degree documentary on Banksy and Da Vinci


H-Kentucky update on Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project themes

H-Nationalism shares latest Nationalism and the First World War Centenary

H-Catholic shares latest edition of The Archivist's Nook on Japanese Anti-Christian edicts

H-Empire shares post Remembering Dutch Decolonization through Historical Fiction

News & Publication Roundups

H-Democracy's Top Five for the week of June 11

H-Nationalism's latest Weekend Reading

H-Luso-Africa shares recent publications on Lusophone Africa

H-Empire shares This Week's Top Picks in Imperial & Global History


H-Africa shares latest episode of Africa Past and Present on Zimbabwe's deindustrialization and economic decline

H-Net Reviews

H-Slavery: Bram Hoonhout reviews The Dutch Moment: War, Trade, and Settlement in the Seventeenth-Century Atlantic World

H-Russia: Volha Isakava reviews Between Truth and Time: A History of Soviet Central Television

H-Diplo: Justin Conrad reviews The Terror Years: From al-Qaeda to the Islamic State

H-Diplo: Lise M. Howard reviews Land of Blue Helmets: The United Nations and the Arab World

H-War: Paul Springer reviews The Drone Debate: A Primer on the U.S. Use of Unmanned Aircraft Outside Conventional Battlefields

H-WarSean Cosden reviews American Ambassadors: The Past, Present, and Future of America's Diplomats

H-War: Ryan Wadle reviews Red Team: How to Succeed by Thinking Like the Enemy

H-FedHist: Michael Chiarello reviews Camelot and Canada: Canadian-American Relations in the Kennedy Era

H-Carribean: Cecily Jones reviews Purchasing Whiteness: Pardos, Mulattos, and the Quest for Social Mobility in the Spanish Indies

H-AmRel: Matthew Dougherty reviews Choosing the Jesus Way: American Indian Pentecostals and the Fight for the Indigenous Principle

H-SHGAPE: Cassie Brand reviews What Middletown Read: Print Culture in an American Small City

H-SHGAPE: Richard Mikulski reviews Circulating Literacy: Writing Instruction in American Periodicals, 1880-1910

H-Nationalism: Giacomo Lichtner reviews Italian Fascism's Empire Cinema

H-Net Commons Top Hits

Most Viewed Page: H-Buddhism's Journals for Buddhist Studies

Top Discussion: H-DC's discussion on the Washington Evening Star online, 1852-1981 through DC Public Library

Top Review: H-Law's 2001 review: Mylchreest on Reynolds, 'Why Weren't We Told?'

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