H-Net This Week (Roundup from around the Commons for the week of June 9 - June 15, 2017)

H-Net This Week ArchiveJune 9 - 15, 2017

Network News

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Network Publications

H-Nutrition shares update on its "What is a Recipe?" project

H-Nutrition publishes essay: "Branding Bran: School Breakfasts as a Recipe for Healthy Children"

H-Sport adds recent collections to its archive project

H-Diplo: ISSF Policy Series: Donald Trump and the "Paranoid Style" in American (Intellectual) Politics

H-PRC shares the new issue of The PRC History Review

H-Diplo shares article review on “Development Politics and the Cold War”

H-Diplo shares roundtable on Hong Kong in the Cold War

H-Diplo shares ISSF article review on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want: Why Foreign Imposed Regime Change Seldom Improves Interstate Relations”

H-Diplo: ISSF Policy Series: Going Rogue in the Age of Trump

H-Diplo shares ISSF article review on “From Israel with Deterrence: Strategic Culture, Intra-war Coercion and Brute Force”


H-PRC continues discussion on the place of the Chairman during the Cultural Revolution

H-Diplo discusses Haynes' review of "Retreat and its Consequences: American Foreign Policy and the Problem of World Order"

H-Scholar discusses Wulf's review of "Intellectual Property: A Very Short Introduction"

H-SAWH discusses experiences and tips on giving conference presentations

H-Nutrition continues discussion on FDA postponing the implementation of new labels


H-Turk subscriber seeks contact information for Ergun Köken of the Young Turks video series

H-Pol subscriber asks for suggestions on a good one-volume text about Theodore Roosevelt's presidency for classroom use

H-Nutrition subscriber seeks suggestions for research materials about the commercial production of vitamin supplements

H-Africa subscriber seeks primary sources in Rwandan

H-HOAC subscriber asks for help locating the papers of Morris Rapaport

Research Resources

H-Nahuatl shares articles concerning the Templo Mayor ball court

H-Nutrition shares images of early 1900s advertisements for oats along with relevant information

H-HistBibl shares JSTOR Lab's report on the digital monograph

H-Migration shares new open access book 

H-Africa shares curated article collection on cartographies of war and peace in Eastern Africa

H-Law shares new open access book

H-Law shares new library collection at the UMN Law Library

H-HistBibl shares digital archive of drafts of Allen Ginsberg's HOWL

H-Japan shares an exhibition of rare Japanese Ikebana texts

H-NewMexico shares new archival collection resource

H-Kentucky continues sharing resources for the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project

H-MedAnthro shares new open-access issue of Anthropology & Aging

EDTECH shares videos about Bloom's Taxonomy in technology-enhanced pedagogy

News & Publication Roundups

H-Empire shares latest "Top Picks in Imperial & Global History"

H-Albion shares CERCLES Book Reviews for June 2017

H-Adjunct shares COCAL update for June 2017


H-OralHist shares Oral History Tips Podcast


H-DC remembers Keith Melder with an interview from Capitol Hill History Project

H-Net Reviews

H-Nationalism: Conan Fischer reviews The Politics of Self-Determination: Remaking Territories and National Identities in Europe, 1917-1923

H-Nationalism: Siniša Malešević reviews Nations and Citizens in Yugoslavia and the Post-Yugoslav States: One Hundred Years of Citizenship

H-Diplo: Avery Plaw reviews Misunderstanding Terrorism

H-War: Christopher Hemmer reviews The Tragedy of U.S. Foreign Policy: How America’s Civil Religion Betrayed the National Interest

H-War: William Gorby reviews Doughboys on the Great War: How American Soldiers Viewed Their Military Experience

H-Slavery: Timothy Minella reviews Bind Us Apart: How Enlightened Americans Invented Racial Segregation

H-Pennsylvania: Robert Gioielli reviews Remaking the Rust Belt: The Postindustrial Transformation of North America

H-Pennsylvania: Richard Newman reviews From Workshop to Waste Magnet: Environmental Inequality in the Philadelphia Region

H-FedHist: David Welky reviews Brother Bill: President Clinton and the Politics of Race and Class

H-FedHist: Hiroshi Fukurai reviews The Jury in America: Triumph and Decline

H-Asia: Umair A. Muhajir reviews Kashmir's Contested Pasts: Narratives, Sacred Geographies, and the Historical Imagination

H-Nationalism: Sacha Davis reviews The Eugenic Fortress: The Transylvanian Saxon Experiment in Interwar Romania

H-Diplo: Kyle Haynes reviews Retreat and its Consequences: American Foreign Policy and the Problem of World Order

H-German: Emre Sencer reviews Atatürk in the Nazi Imagination

H-TGS: Felecia Lucht reviews Language Maintenance and Language Death: The Decline of Texas Alsatian


H-Net Commons Top Hits:

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Most Viewed Page: H-AmIndian's page on Dr. Allan Downey receiveing the 2017 Canadian Aboriginal History Article Prize

Top Discussion: H-Buddhism's discussion of new books and resources from Shambhala Publications

Top Review: H-Slavery's review: Minella on Guyatt, 'Bind Us Apart: How Enlightened Americans Invented Racial Segregation'

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