H-Net This Week (Roundup from Around the Commons for April 14 - 20, 2017)

H-Net This Week ArchiveApril 14 - 20, 2017

Network News

Network calls for editors: H-Early-America, H-Ideas, H-Medieval, H-Peace, and H-US1918-45

Network calls for review editors: H-Early-AmericaH-Ideas, and H-US1918-45

Network Publications

H-Diplo article review of “The Czechoslovak Factor in Western Alliance Building, 1945-1948”

H-Diplo roundtable review of Stalin and the Struggle for Supremacy in Eurasia

H-Diplo ISSF policy series: Trumpism, History, and the Future of U.S. Foreign Relations

H-Diplo article review of “From Wartime Friend to Cold War Fiend: The Abduction of Kaji Wataru and U.S. Japan Relations at Occupation’s End"


H-Podcast discusses podcasts in the classroom

H-World discusses ways to integrate world history and gender history

H-Histsex responds to query about Karl Heinrich Ulrichs and early sexologists

H-SHERA shares urgent call for manuscript reviewer


H-SEAsia subscriber seeks local researcher on Indochinese affairs 1933-1935 at the French National Archives in Paris and the colonial archives in Aix-en-Provence

H-Buddhism seeks advice on Siddham font and text input

H-Caribbean subscriber seeks genealogical information on first known African American engraver Patrick Henry Reason

Research Resources

H-Histsex and H-Women share Bridging the Gap, an interactive digital platform for Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony

H-HistBibl shares a paper on developing a primary source lab

H-HistBibl shares article about review process for Papers of Abraham Lincoln digital platform

H-Islamart shares videos from The Art and Material Culture of Iranian Shiism program

H-Scholar shares two posts from The Scholarly Kitchen about scholarly reprints

Teaching Resources

H-High-S shares The Maritime Cultural Resource Center


H-Canada shares blog post A Map of Saint Sauveur: True or False?

News & Publication Roundups

H-Democracy's round-up of democracy in the news

H-Public's Around the Field roundup


H-Nahuatl shares Encuentros de Mentes podcast discussing polyglotism

H-Podcast shares Social Media and Politics Podcast's latest episode "How 'Dark' Social Media Networks are Affecting Politics"

H-Podcast shares latest episode of New Books in American Studies

H-Podcast shares latest episode of Amplified Oklahoma

H-Podcast adds Architecture & Built Environment category to Academic Podcast Roundup (so far: Design Matters with Debbie MillmanOn the GridUS Modernist RadioArchispeakVertical CityRadio IAThe Architecture Happy Hour)


H-Judaic remembers Yoram Jacobson, scholar of Hasidic thought

H-Net Reviews

H-Disability: Beth Linker reviews Out of the Horrors of War: Disability Politics in World War II America

H-Judaic: Laurien F. Vastenhout reviews The Choice of the Jews under Vichy: Between Submission and Resistance

H-Urban: Phillipp Reick reviews Selling Paris: Property and Commercial Culture in the Fin-de-siècle Capital

H-Water: Zhaoqing Han reviews The River, the Plain, and the State: An Environmental Drama in Northern Song China, 1048–1128

H-German: Markus Raasch reviews Catholicism and the Great War: Religion and Everyday Life in Germany and Austria-Hungary, 1914–1922

H-SHGAPE: Abigail Markwyn reviews Two Faces of Exclusion: The Untold History of Anti-Asian Racism in the United States

H-AmIndian: Jason Warren reviews Thundersticks: Firearms and the Violent Transformation of Native America

H-TGS: David Brandon reviews Sex and Control: Venereal Disease, Colonial Physicians, and Indigenous Agency in German Colonialism, 1884-1914

H-Environment: Lukas Rieppel reviews Field Life: Science in the American West during the Railroad Era

H-Environment: James Bergman reviews A Temperate Empire: Making Climate Change in Early America

H-Environment: Steven G. Noll reviews Roads through the Everglades: The Building of the Ingraham Highway, the Tamiami Trail and Conners Highway, 1914-1931 

H-Environment: Christopher Clark reviews Farmers Helping Farmers: The Rise of the Farm and Home Bureaus, 1914-1935

H-War: Sebastian Huebel reviews When Europe Was a Prison Camp: Father and Son Memoirs, 1940-1941

H-War: Kevin Luginbill reviews Britannia's Embrace: Modern Humanitarianism and the Imperial Origins of Refugee Relief

H-War: Augustine Meaher reviews Ireland during the Second World War: Farewell to Plato's Cave

H-Diplo: Nigel Ashton reviews Oil Shock: The 1973 Crisis and Its Economic Legacy

H-Disability: Jane Buckingham reviews Writing Disability: A Critical History

H-SHGAPE: Nancy Murray reviews Landscapes of Exclusion: State Parks and Jim Crow in the American South

H-Diplo: Ngo Vinh Long reviews Aid under Fire: Nation Building and the Vietnam War

H-Net Commons Top Hits:

Most Viewed Page: H-German's page on Bismarck's Fall from Power

Top Discussion: H-SHERA's discusses recent events regarding archives in Russia

Top Review: Andrea Orzoff's review of Under A Cruel Star: A Life in Prague 1941-1968 for Habsburg

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