H-Net This Week (Roundup from Around the Commons for March 24 - 30, 2017)

H-Net This Week ArchiveMarch 24 - 30, 2017

Network News

H-SAWH, the network of women and gender history in the U.S. South, launches new Mentoring Discussion Series and shares its Mentoring Toolkit

H-Pietism shares call for editors


Network Publications

H-Diplo ISSF policy series: The End of American Liberal Internationalism?

H-Diplo ISSF policy series: Trump's Ascendency as History

H-Diplo ISSF policy roundtable: Russia and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

H-Diplo ISSF roundtable on Dangerous Trade. Arms Exports, Human Rights, and International Reputation

H-Diplo article review of The Pragmatic Dragon: China’s Grand Strategy and Boundary Settlement

H-Diplo ISSF article review of "To Arm or to Ally?: The Patron’s Dilemma and the Strategic Logic of Arms Transfers and Alliances"


H-Energy shares analysis of Oxford Institute for Energy study on the IPO of Saudi Aramco

H-Midwest board member discusses what is the Midwest? on KCUR

H-World shares provocative article about college graduates and critical thinking

H-Education prompts discussion about the evolution of informal education

H-War continues to discuss The Hoary Myth of Isolationism

H-AmIndian interrogates cultural stereotypes in 1958 composition "Arapahoe Warriors (an Indian Tune)"

H-PRC discusses reports that China's Foreign Ministry Archives are open to researchers

H-HistBibl shares article on Amazon's responsibility to provide transparent digital reading data

H-Net Book Channel shares article on #ThanksForTyping


H-Genocide, H-HistsexH-Holocaust, & H-Human-Rights subscriber seeks sources on Holocaust/Fascism in Italy & collective memory of marginalized groups (x-post)

H-PRC shares question about Xinhua's PhotoMall via twitter @prchistory

H-Canada subscriber seeks copy of Winnipeg publication The Native Son

H-Women seeks tips, experiences, suggestions, or lessons for possible course on global histories of women and gender

H-Women seeks concise source on history of feminism for interdisciplinary course

H-New-Jersey seeks NJ baseball artifacts for planned exhibition

H-Early-America query about George Washington's DC land purchases while president

H-Public subscriber seeks advice for creating an interactive digital exhibit

Research Resources

H-Judaic shares digitized copies of Luis de Carvajal manuscripts

H-SHERA shares digitized copies of Sovetskoe foto and Russian Futurist Books

H-Afro-Am shares documentary film Agents of Change

H-Caribbean shares news that The Barbados Synagogue Restoration Project records now available online

H-Women shares The Feminist Theory Archive

Teaching Resources

H-Caribbean discusses resources for French Colonialisms course

H-Minerva shares courses and readings on women in the military and war

H-CivWar suggests Civil War biographies of common men and women for undergrads

H-Podcast updates presentation on podcasting for academics

H-World, H-AmStdy, & H-USA share dynamic resource on teaching U.S. History in a global context

H-Material-Culture shares interactive project of Saipan's WWII history


H-Catholic shares latest post from The Archivist's Nook: Catholic University Goes to War

News & Publication Roundups

H-Nationalism's Weekend Reading

H-Democracy's democracy in the news

H-War's Military History Digest

H-Luso-Africa's recent publications on Lusophone Africa

H-Afro-Am's news items of interest to H-Afro-Am

H-Public's Around the Field of Public History


H-Podcast shares No Sounds Are Forbidden episode 11: Among the Ruins: The Rebirth of Europe's Avant-Garde

H-Podcast shares The Way of Improvement Leads Home episode 19: American Prophets

H-Podcast shares Breaking History episode 13: Spatializing Blackness with Rashad Shabazz

H-Law Podcast shares Episode 5: William Domnarski, Richard Posner biographer


H-World remembers historian of Japan and World History mentor Denis Gainty

H-Judaic remembers scholar of classics and literature Louis Feldman

H-Minerva remember service women fallen during wartime for the month of March


H-Human-Rights posts in support of Turkish academics

H-Net Reviews

H-Asia: Keller Kimbrough reviews Mapping Courtship and Kinship in Classical Japan: "The Tale of Genji" and Its Predecessors

H-SHGAPE: Frank Schumacher reviews Race, Reality, and Realpolitik: U.S.-Haiti Relations in the Lead Up to the 1915 Occupation

H-Disability: Penny L. Richards reviews Migration and Mental Health: Past and Present

H-Diplo: Aaron Mallari reviews Empire's End: Transnational Connections in the Hispanic World

H-War: Brett Bebber reviews For King and Another Country: Indian Soldiers on the Western Front, 1914-18

H-War: Hakan Gungor reviews World War I and the End of the Ottoman Empire: From the Balkan Wars to the Turkish Republic

H-War: Andy Forney reviews These Truly Are the Brave: An Anthology of African American Writings on War and Citizenship

H-Nationalism: Sacha Davis reviews Eugenics and Nation in Early 20th Century Hungary

H-Nationalism: Bob Moore reviews The Extermination of the European Jews

H-Socialisms: Faisal Chaudhry reviews Houses of Madness: Insanity and Asylums of Bengal in Nineteenth-Century India

H-Asia: Ghulam Nadri reviews A Short History of the Mughal Empire

H-Asia: Sudha Mahalingam reviews Geopolitics of Red Oil: Constructing the China Threat through Energy Security

H-Judaic: Vered Weiss reviews Indebted: Capitalism and Religion in the Writings of S. Y. Agnon

H-Citizenship: Jesse Quinn reviews Sovereignty: The Origin and Future of a Political and Legal Concept

H-Catholic: Brian J. Maxson reviews Pagan Virtue in a Christian World: Sigismondo Malatesta and the Italian Renaissance

H-Net Commons Top Hits:

This info is based on the previous week's H-Net Commons activity.

Most Viewed Page: H-German's page on Bismarck's Fall from Power

Top Discussion: H-DC's discussion on the Washington Evening Star digitized library

Top Review: Uwe Fraunholz's 2008 review of General Motors and the Nazis: The Struggle for Control of Opel, Europe's Biggest Carmaker on H-German

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