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H-Net This Week ArchiveNovember 24 - December 1, 2016

Network News

H-SHGAPE seeks two new Network Editors to join their team (deadline to apply: December 19)

H-FedHist continues to recruit Review Editors (deadline: February 1)

H-Nationalism's Secessionism and Separatism Monthly Series comes to an end, called a "comfortable forum for debate," "robust and critical," but "always thoughtful and considerate" by one participant


H-World discusses U.S. presidential elections in world historical contexts and the classroom

H-HistBibl shares very practical advice about social media plans for libraries, archives, and museums

H-War continues discussing books on the history of NATO

H-War discusses scholarship on the origins of WWII

H-Diplo subscribers suggest videos about the end of the Cold War for class

H-AMCA shares news of Iraqi architect Rifat Chadirji's archive donation to MIT


H-Buddhism subscriber seeks information on Buddhist writer Chen Hailiang

H-PRC subscriber seeks thoughts on use of the term SOE (State Owned Enterprise)

H-War subscriber seeks monograph on US SOCOM

H-Women subscriber seeks student-friendly overview of U.S. women's rights movement and feminism from WWII-1980's

H-AMCA subscriber seeks information about Egyptian-born artist Ezekiel Baroukh


H-Scholar shares digitized resources from Colonial North American Project at Harvard University 

H-DC shares launch of HistoryQuest DC, GIS-based web map of historical data on DC buildings

H-Slavery shares new links to its Digital Resources for the Study of Global Slavery

H-Sport shares additional links to the H-Sport Archive Project

H-ItalianDiaspora shares collection of broadsides and pamphlets, window on Catholic church during Italian unification

H-Kentucky adds additional resources on its Kentucky Woman Suffrage Bibliography Project


H-Diplo shares blog post about the Post-Truth Politics of the Iran-Contra Affair

H-Empire shares This Week's Top Picks in Imperial and Global History 

H-War shares December Handgrenade of the MonthNo Fly Zones and Air Power

News & Publication Roundups

H-Nationalism's Weekend Reading

H-Democracy's Weekly Five round-up of democracy in the news

H-Luso-Africa's recent publications on Lusophone Africa

H-Migration announces an article that might be of interest to its subscribers

H-Afr-Am shares Recent News Items of Interest


H-AfrArts shares The Hip Hop African Podcast

H-USA shares Breaking History Episode 10: Viral Texts, Printing and the Apocalypse with Ryan Cordell

H-Podcast shares New Books in Architecture episode with Federica Goffi, author of Time Matter(s): Invention and Re-Imagination in Built Conservation. The Unfinished Drawing and Building of St. Peter's, the Vatican

H-Podcast shares New Books in American Studies episode with James Alexander Dun, author of Dangerous Neighbors: Making the Haitian Revolutioni n Early America


H-Buddhism remembers Buddism scholar Tu Cheng-min, known to friends as Aming Tu

H-World remembers historian of ideas Bruce Mazlish

Reviews and Network Publications

H-Environment: Rachel S. Gross reviews Exceptional Mountains: A Cultural History of the Pacific Northwest Volcanoes

H-Diplo: William deJong-Lambert reviews Lysenko's Ghost: Epigenetics and Russia

H-Diplo: Zachary Selden reviews The Unquiet Frontier: Rising Rivals, Vulnerable Allies, and the Crisis of American Power

H-War: Jeffry S. Prushankin reviews A Field Guide to Gettysburg: Experiencing the Battlefield through Its History, Places, and People

H-War: Christopher Menking reviews Riding for the Lone Star: Frontier Cavalry and the Texas Way of War, 1822-1865

H-War: Eric Weeks reviews The Patriotic Consensus: Unity, Morale, and the Second World War in Winnipeg

H-War: Evan Wilson reviews A History of the Royal Navy: Empire and Imperialism

H-TGS: Michael T. Putnam reviews Pennsylvania Dutch: The Story of an American Language

H-German: Paul B. Jaskot reviews Speer: Hitler's Architect

H-South: Ryan Schilling reviews No Depression in Heaven: The Great Depression, the New Deal, and the Transformation of Religion in the Delta

H-1960s: William Rorabaugh reviews Acid Hype: American News Media and the Psychedelic Experience

H-Asia: Jessica V. Birkenholtz reviews Maithil Women's Tales: Storytelling on the Nepal-India Border

H-Diplo: Roundtable review of Narrative and the Making of US National Security

H-Diplo: Article review of "Demanding the Impossible: War, Bargaining, and Honor"

H-Diplo: Article review of "Teaching Canada-US Relations: Three Great Debates"

H-Net Commons Top Hits:

Most Viewed Page: H-Asia's list of job ads in Asian studies

Top Discussion: H-War's discussion about the origins of WWII

Top Review: Christopher Olsen's review of Apostles of Disunion: Southern Secession Commissioners and the Causes of the Civil War for H-South

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