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H-Net This Week ArchiveOctober 21 - 27, 2016

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H-Nutrition editors write about the wide reach and value of nutrition history and why the history of nutrition

H-Catholic discusses Catholic textbooks and curriculum 

H-World query sparks discussion about credentials for world history teachers

H-Asia wonders about studying Asian languages in global postsecondary institutions

H-OralHist discusses historic site's claim to a resident's memories

H-War shares article on US trauma care in Iraq and Afghanistan

H-AmIndian shares interview with author Allyson Stevenson about Aboriginal transracial adoption in Canada


H-Women seeks accessible contextual material for U.S. Women's History class

H-Spain subscriber seeks significance of Spanish consul's official title

H-Demog seeks 1900-1950 life tables, life expenctancy, or mortality rates in a number of countries


H-Slavery shares PBS web resource Africans in America

H-HistBibl shares review of photo sharing app for book lovers

H-Environment adds information on FDR's reorganization to the National Park Service Timeline

H-Japan shares Japan Forum essay on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

H-Canada shares open access journal Historical Studies in Education

H-PCAACA shares open access articles from the Journal of Religion and Popular Culture

H-Podcast shares free podcast MOOC from the Knight Center at UT-Austin

News & Publication Roundups

H-Empire shares This Week’s Top Picks in Imperial & Global History

H-Nationalism's Weekend Reading

H-Democracy's Weekly Five, round-up of democracy in the news

H-Luso-Africa shares recent publications on Lusophone Africa

H-Public's Around the Field in public history


Latest H-Law podcast interview with author Sara L. Crosby

H-DC shares Swiss radio program featuring Washington DC 

H-Amstdy shares New Books in American Studies podcast with author James Kloppenberg

H-OralHist shares UC Berkeley Oral History Center's new podcast From the Outside In: Women in Politics


H-Japan remembers anthropologists Robert J. Smith


H-Women shows support for Turkish scholars & students

Reviews and Network Publications

H-Skand: Kate Moffat reviews Lukas Moodysson's Show Me Love

H-Diplo: Ana María Presta reviews Transatlantic Obligations: Creating the Bonds of Family in Conquest-Era Peru and Spain

H-Diplo: Article review of "The Ghosts of Development: The United States and Jordan’s East Ghor Canal"

H-Diplo: Michele Chang reviews The Euro Experment

H-War: Jennifer L. Paxton reviews Renegade Revolutionary: The Life of General Charles Lee

H-War: Alex Nordlund reviews The Great War: From Memory to History

H-War: Charlie Thomas reviews The Ethiopian Army: From Victory to Collapse, 1977-1991

H-War: Mark Folse reviews Thunder and Flames: Americans in the Crucible of Combat, 1917-1918

H-Nationalism: Winson Chu reviews Belonging to the Nation: Inclusion and Exclusion in the Polish-German Borderlands, 1939-1951

H-Diplo: Article review of “The Possibilities and Limitations of First-Lady Diplomacy: Imelda Marcos and the Nixon Administration.”

H-SAE: Azra Hromadzic reviews Whose Bosnia? Nationalism and Political Imagination in the Balkans, 1840-1914

H-Asia: Cynthia Talbot reviews A History of the World in Sixteen Shipwrecks

H-Asia: Kate Imy reviews For King and Another Country: Indian Soldiers on the Western Front, 1914-18

H-Judaic: Rachel Adelman reviews "It's Better to Hear the Rebuke of the Wise Than the Song of Fools" (Qoh 7:5): Proceedings of the Midrash Section, Society of Biblical Literature

H-Citizenship: Tali Ziv reviews Blaming the Poor: The Long Shadow of the Moynihan Report on Cruel Images about Poverty and States of Dependency: Welfare, Rights, and American Governance, 1935-1972

H-SAE: Jan Lorenz reviews Jewish Space in Contemporary Poland

H-AfrArts: Drew Thompson reviews Repainting the Walls of Lunda: Information Colonialism and Angolan Art

H-Diplo: Article review of "Commemoration of a Cold War: The Politics of History and Heritage at Cold War Memory Sites in Denmark"

H-French-Colonial: Leland Barrows reviews Medicine and the Saints: Science, Islam, and the Colonial Encounter in Morocco, 1877-1956

H-Asia: Anirudh Deshpande reviews India's War: World War II and the Making of Modern South Asia


H-Net Commons Top Hits:

Most Viewed Page: Clinton R. Sander's article "The Sociology of Human-Animal Interaction and Relationships" on H-Animal

Top Discussion: H-World's discussion on the difference between world history and global history

Top Review: Samantha Christiansen's review of The Making of International Human Rights: The 1960s, Decolonization, and the Reconstruction of Global Values on H-Diplo

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