Announcing H-Nutrition and H-EnviroHealth

H-Net proudly welcomes H-Nutrition and H-EnviroHealth to its family of nearly 200 networks, now available on the H-Net Commons. Read on and follow the links below for more information about these exciting new networks!


H-Nutrition is intended for the growing number of scholars, teachers, documentary filmmakers, and museum and library professionals engaged with the history of nutrition in any time period or region.

Our aim is to foster communication within and across the otherwise unconnected fields in which history of nutrition is produced, including but not limited to: history of science, medicine, and technology; history of food and agriculture; public history; science and health policy; public health and population health sciences; food and nutrition science; food studies; gender and women’s studies; and fat studies.

H-Nutrition Editorial Staff

Kristen Ann Ehrenberger, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine - Network Editor

Xaq Frohlich, UT Austin Institute of Historical Studies - Review Editor

Fred Gibbs, University of New Mexico - Network Editor

Lisa Haushofer, Harvard University - Network Editor

Andrew Ruis, University of Wisconsin-Madison - Network Editor

H-Nutrition Advisory Board

Rima Apple, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Emily Contois, Brown University

Deborah Levine

Ian Mosby

All H-Nutrition content is freely accessible at:

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H-EnviroHealth works to foster communication and collaboration among scholars who study health, medicine, and environment across a range of temporal and geographic contexts. It is the offspring of a network formed in 2014, the History of Environmental Health Network (HEHN) which brings together scholars working on the history of medicine or environmental history, two sub-fields of history that until recently have had only a nodding acquaintance. The goal of H-Envirohealth is to foster a broader dialogue between these as well as other scholars in the environmental, medical, and health humanities. It also seeks engagement and participation from those in related professional and scientific fields such as public health, engineering, the environmental and medical sciences, and policy. In doing so, this network hopes to facilitate a continuing discussion and open new and intriguing questions about how we understand the entangled histories of environment and health and their relevance to current dilemmas.

H-EnviroHealth Editorial Staff

Mitch Aso - Review Editor

Frederick R. Davis, Purdue University - Network Editor

Amy M Hay, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley - Network Editor

Christopher Sellers, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - Network Editor

Erin Spinney, University of Saskatchewan - Network Editor

H-EnviroHealth Advisory Board

Kate Brown, UMBC

Susan D Jones

Agnes Kneitz

Linda Nash

Janet Ore

All H-EnviroHealth content is freely accessible at:

You can contact the editors of H-EnviroHealth here:

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