H-Net This Week (Teaching Surveys, H-Net Survey, and the Job Guide Gets a Twitter)

H-Net This Week ArchiveSeptember 30 - October 6, 2016

Network News

The H-Net Job Guide announces new Twitter feed@HnetJobGuide - to feature recent and featured jobs

H-Russia launches network Twitter page (@HNetRussia) - see all H-Net social media feeds

H-Slavery announces new project Digital Resources for the Study of Global Slavery and the Slave Trade

H-Film shares dissertations and theses in progress

H-Net's Visitor Survey seeks user feedback


H-World further discusses testing methods in online courses

H-Levant discusses survey course coverage and superficiality in teaching modern Middle East

H-AfrTeach talks assessment in teaching African history online

H-DC shares news of city's oldest Synagogue new location

H-HistBibl shares article on funding open access monographs


H-Turk scholar seeks information on the Ottoman-European paper trade

H-Buddhism subsciber seeks Buddhist texts with causal grounds for existence claims

H-War subscriber seeks information about training aid divisions for US Army Ground Forces

H-Caribbean seeks Caribbean songs about Haiti

H-Pol subscriber seeks William Jennings Bryan voter database referenced by statistician Nate Silver


H-Florida shares diagram of the 2nd Seminole War Fort, Ft. Micanopy from Yale's Beineke Library

H-Buddhism shares journals with material for Buddhist Studies

H-Environment shares The Repeat Photography Project from The Forest Society

H-Afro-Am shares online forum Scholars Respond to a Vision for Black Lives

H-Buddhism shares GIS dataset for study of Chinese Buddhist history

H-Pennsylvania shares database of lantern slides of Pennsylvania-born labor leader T.V. Powderly

H-Migration shares latest issue of open access journal Migration, Mobility, & Displacement

H-Histbibl shares article about digital readiness gaps

H-New-Jersey shares latest online issue of Garden State Legacy

H-Low-Countires shares open access publication on early Dutch Football

H-HistBibl shares interview with The Scholarly Kitchen's Maryann Martone on annotations as peer review


H-War's Handgrenade of the Month

H-Empire's Top Picks in Imperial & Global History

News & Publications Roundups

H-Nationalism's weekend readings

H-Democracy's round-up of democracy in the news

H-Eugenic's list of recent publications

H-Afro-Am shares recent news items of interest

H-Nationalism's member publications update


H-South shares Southern Oral History Program's recent episode about oral history and movement building

Reviews and Network Publications

H-Buddhism: Justin R. Ritzinger reviews Recovering Buddhism in Modern China

H-Diplo: Douglas C. Nord reviews The New Arctic Governance

H-Pennsylvania: Kyle Repella reviews Lenape Country: Delaware Valley Society before William Penn

H-Empire: Aidan Beatty reviews The Rising. Ireland: Easter 1916

H-War: Christopher Rein reviews Civil War Alabama

H-War: John Hess reviews Forging the Shield: The U.S. Army in Europe, 1951-1962

H-War: Chelsea Frazier reviews Thieves' Road: The Black Hills Betrayal and Custer's Path to Little Bighorn

H-War: Meghan Fitzpatrick reviews Paying with Thier Bodies: American War and the Problem of the Disabled Veteran

H-SC: D. Andrew Johnson reviews The Voyage of the Slave Ship Hare: A Journey into Captivity from Sierra Leone to South Carolina

H-AfrArts: Fred Smith reviews Postcolonial Modernism: Art and Decolonization in Twentieth-Century Nigeria

H-Africa: Caleb Owen reviews Oxford Street, Accra: City Life and the Itineraries of Transnationalism

H-Sci-Med-Tech: Sarah Stanford-McIntyre reviews The Slain Wood: Papermaking and Its Environmental Consequences in the American South

H-Italy: Alan O'Leary reviews Fascism in Italian Cinema since 1945: The Politics and Aesthetics of Memory

H-Italy: Diego Pirillo reviews The Duke's Assassin: Exile and Death of Lorenzino de' Medici

H-Slavery: Felix Harcourt reviews White Robes, Silver Screens: Movies and the Making of the Ku Klux Klan

H-Diplo: Article review 646 of “‘La Niña Adorada del Mundo Socialista:’ The Politics of Childhood and U.S.-Cuba-U.S.S.R. Relations, 1959-1962”

H-Net Commons Top Hits:

Most Viewed Page: Clinton R. Sander's article "The Sociology of Human-Animal Interaction and Relationships" on H-Animal

Top Discussion: H-Levant's discussion on teaching the modern Middle East

Top Review: H-Diplo Article Review 645 “Choosing ‘the Long Road’: Henry Kissinger, Melvin Laird, Vietnamization, and the War over Nixon’s Vietnam Strategy”

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