H-Net This Week (Archives Missing, Released, and Found Edition)

H-Net This Week ArchiveAugust 26 - September 1, 2016

Network News

Latest Horizons H-Net Newsletter is published

Calls for network bloggers at H-USA; editors and bloggers at H-Atlantic

H-Luso-Africa shares useful information for subscribers

H-World reminds subscribers to fill out profiles and advises users about discussion posts on the network

H-Net Reviews posted an updated Review Editor description


H-Nationalism interviews scholar Fatma Müge Göçek on the post-Ottoman world and the imperial past

H-PRC shares transcript of roundtable on grassroots factionalism on China's Cultural Revolution

H-Diplo discusses teaching sources on the Cold War

H-Afro-Am continues discussion on textbook recommendations for intro to African American studies

H-DC discusses African American history of the Catholic University of America

H-HistBibl discusses federal lawsuit against predatory open-access publishers


H-War seeks information on 19th-century English soldier Hugh Forbes, author of service manual

H-Islamart seeks information regarding the female image in 20th-century Orientalist and Middle Eastern art


H-Low-Countries offers 17th-century Russian-Dutch research materials from an unfinished dissertation

H-Diplo shares news of CIA release of President's daily briefs for Nixon/Ford years

H-Sport shares GLOBALSPORT project, a resource on gender, sexuality, ethnicity and sport

H-HistBibl shares AHA Today's new series "Teaching with #DigHist"

H-Asia shares inaugural publication of NANG magazine on screenwriting in the Asian world


H-New Jersey shares blog post about Revolutionary War author/scholar Molly Pitcher

New World Legal History Blog post on H-Law considers missing Shanghai Mixed Court Archives

H-DC's latest Streets of Washington on the Columbia Hospital for Women

H-War's Hand Grenade of the Month for September, Defining Victory

Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project blog on Shakers and a Suffrage Film at H-Kentucky

News & Publication Roundups

H-Empire shares This Week's Top Picks in Imperial & Global History

H-Slavery's Reconstruction150 Link Roundup

H-Education roundup of education history articles in current periodicals

H-Disability roundup of current journal articles on disailibty 

H-Luso-Africa shares recent publications on Lusophone Africa

H-Africa shares new and forthcoming publications of interest


H-World shares Breaking History episode about Smuggling in China

New Books in African Studies podcast seeks hosts on H-Africa


H-Nationalism remembers nationalism theorist Anthony D. Smith

H-Asia remembers Persian scholar and teacher Syed Mohammad Yunus Jaffery

Reviews and Network Publications

H-Diplo: Kenneth Omeje reviews Peace Agreements and Durable Peace in Africa

H-Disability: Patrick M.Schmidt reviews Plain Ugly: The Unattractive Body in Early Modern Culture

H-War: Paul Springer reviews Inside the Bataan Death March: Defeat, Travail and Memory

H-War: Jennine Hurl-Eamon reviews Sex, Money and Personal Character in Eighteenth-Century British Politics

H-War: Kelly Palmer reviews Paris at War: 1939-1944

H-War: Nancy J. Traylor-Heard reviews Vietnam War Nurses: Personal Accounts of 18 Americans

H-Diplo: Andrew Day reviews The Evolution and Legitimacy of International Security Institutions

H-HistGeog: Matthew McRae reviews Commemorating the Seafarer: Monuments, Memorials and Memory

H-HistGeog: Steve Marti reviews The British Abroad since the Eighteenth Century, Vol.1: Travellers and Tourists and Vol. 2: Experiencing Imperialism

H-Citizenship: Dianne Meredith reviews Citizen Sailors: Becoming American in the Age of Revolution

H-Albion: Anton Matytsin reviews The Catholic Enlightenment: The Forgotten History of a Global Movement

H-Albion: Carolina Armenteros reviews A Companion to the Catholic Enlightenment in Eurupe

H-Canada: Larry Glassford reviews Prayers, Petitions, and Protests: The Catholic Church and the Ontario Schools Crisis in the Windsor Border Region, 1910-1928

H-Water: Jon Hazlett reviews Green Voices: Defending Nature and the Environment in American Civic Discourse

H-Diplo: David M. Watry reviews Eisenhower and Cambodia: Diplomacy, Covert Action, and the Origins of the Second Indochina War

H-Environment: James Skillen reviews Battleground Alaska: Fighting Federal Power in America's Last Wilderness

H-Low-Countries: Jessica V. Roitman reviews Undeliverable: A Letter of Reminiscence

H-Net Commons Top Hits:

Most Viewed Page: H-Nationalism Interview with Fatma Müge Göçek

Top Discussion: Transcript of roundtable Grassroots Factionalism in China's Cultural Revolution on H-PRC

Top Review: H-ANZAU's 1999 review of The French Consul's Wife: Memoirs of Celeste de Chabrillan in Gold-Rush Australia

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