Announcing New Features in the H-Net Commons!

We are excited to introduce enhanced profiles, including forms for Dissertations and Theses in Progress and Volunteering at H-Net; also new this month - Polling and a New Book Submission form at the H-Net Book Channel.

Enhanced Profiles

Volunteer at H-Net

All subscribers now have the ability to indicate their interest in contributing to the H-Net community as editors, reviewers or contributors in their profiles on the Commons. This underscores the importance of asking subscribers to fill out their profiles, as this will assist editors in identifying individuals who are eager to contribute to their networks.

The Volunteer at H-Net fields are located just under the Publications section in subscriber profiles. Note, this information is only visible to network editors and will not appear in the subscriber's public profile. Volunteer options include:

  • Becoming a Network Editor
  • Becoming a Review Editor
  • Reviewing Books
  • Building Projects/Resources
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting

Editors can find information about browsing a list of stated subscriber interests by following this link:

Editor Resources New Features - Enhanced Profiles

Dissertations and Theses in Progress

We are pleased to announce a new feature that allows subscribers to add their dissertation or theses to their profiles with distinct fields for Title, Institution, Advisor, Completion Date and a check box to designate whether it is still in progress.

That last field will be of particular interest to network editors as we have also created a view that allows every network to display subscribers' dissertations and theses in progress automatically. The subscriber simply needs to check the appropriate box (In Progress?) to have it appear on the network's list. Subscribers can access the automatically updated list by using the following link (though editors may want to create a menu link for easier navigation):

(Note: you will need your network id which can be found here. Use the number listed to the left of the network name.)

Here is an example of what it the automated list looks like at H-Russia.


Network editors now have the ability to post polls to their networks. Those with editorial privileges will now see a Create a poll button underneath the Create a page button in the sidebar just under the network's Manage menu. The polling feature allows for one question but multiple answers. For example, an editor might create a poll that asks:

What kind of new content would you like to see on this network?

1. Blogging

2. Teaching Resources

3. Book Reviews

4. Relevant Links in the field

5. Visual Projects (mapping, timelines, image galleries)

New Book Submission Form

Authors of new academic titles in the humanities and social sciences can now use the Book Channel Submission Form to add their work to H-Net's new book announcement service, the H-Net Book Channel. An editor at the Book Channel will moderate these submissions to be sure they meet H-Net posting policy. To submit your book, follow this link and fill out the form accordingly. Editors might want to create a link to the form in the menu on their network.