H-Net This Week (Roundup from around the Commons for December 15, 2017 - January 4, 2018)

Last Week's RoundupDecember 15, 2017 - January 4, 2018

Network News

H-Germanistik welcomes new editor Johannes Schmidt

H-Luso-Africa celebrates fifteen active years, shares information for subscribers

H-Water seeks social media editor

H-SHGAPE shares SHGAPE President's Annual Letter

H-Poland invites member publication updates

H-SHERA invites subscribers to CAA 2018 meet-up

Network Publications

H-Nationalism publishes third segment of The Left and Nationalism Monthly Series: “Nationalism and the Russian Revolution: From Anti-Imperialism to a Soviet Empire” by Ronald Grigor Suny

From H-Diplo:

From H-Kentucky:


H-Asia shares series of opinions on Chinese influence on academic publishing

H-Scholar shares tips to avoid predatory publishing

H-Nationalism continues discussion on The Left and Nationalism: Left and Right around (and within) Nationalism 

H-World revisits discussion about public monuments at a global level

H-AmIndian prompts discussion on archaeological site confidentiality and public interpretation

H-South continues discussion on phrase "southern way of life"

H-Haiti discusses use of the term "Voodoo" 

H-Scholar discusses sexual harassment at conferences

H-Nutrition continues discussing historiography of New Deal food and nutrition policy

H-Slavery shares news of Memphis removing Confederate statues from downtown parks

H-Amstdy responds to American Childhoods essay What's Wrong with Christmas in Highlights for Children

H-War hosts author response and discussion of recent review of The First Nazi: Erich Ludendorff, The Man Who Made Hitler

H-War responds to review of A Different Face of War: Memories of a Medical Service Corps Officer in Vietnam

H-Nahuatl discusses what verb class "ye" belongs to in Tlaxcala

H-Music shares review of recent book on European New Music, musical romanticism and audiovisual media, 19th-century British song, nationalism and music, Shakespeare and music, Argentinian tango, Haydn's reception

H-Scholar discusses Women and Power by Mary Beard and shares interview with Beard

H-Haiti shares essay on Black life in Adelanto Detention Center

H-Urban shares essay on everyday scenes of public transport in Delhi

H-Haiti shares report on Haitian response to Trump remarks

H-War shares interview with John T. Kuehn about new book America's First General Staff

H-War shares review of recent book on mustard gas use in World War II


H-Judaic query on reconstruction of haftarot for ancient Palestinian Trienniel Cycles

H-Judaic seeks publishing details for Geulat Israel

H-1960s seeks autobiography by a participant in the 1960s feminist movement

H-Judaic seeks information about "שכינה מלכתנו" in Gates of Repentance machzor

H-Judaic query on the phrase "ir v'em b'yisrael"

H-Judaic seeks information on copy of Fannie Hurst's play, It is to Laugh (1927)

H-Judaic query regarding English translation of Nathan Alterman poem

H-Turk seeks map of 15th-16th-century Ottoman trade routes

H-EarlySlavic query of Roman teachings as reflected in Byzantine/Slavic polemics

H-West and H-Borderlands seek sample syllabi on North American Western & Borderlands

H-PRC query about infrared and/or ultraviolet light in PRC

H-OralHist subscriber seeks politics for duplicating oral history interviews

H-California asks subscribers about California's present and future

Research Resources

H-DC shares minutes of the Commission of Fine Arts

H-HOAC shares uploaded FBI files to the Internet Archive

H-Environment shares open access book Rivers of the Anthropocene

H-Kentucky shares new digitized collection guides added to ExploreUK

H-Portugal updates Archives and Libraries resource

H-Urban shares HGIS resource: U.S. cities in 1880

H-Celebration shares theme issue of The Activist History Review on Holidays and Family

H-World shares Database of Religious History

H-DC shares history of White House Jackson Magnolia tree and followup

H-HOAC shares link to NYPL's Eugene Gordon papers and news of Proquest access to US Communist newspapers

H-Buddhism shares update to Digital Dictionary of Buddhism and CJKV-E Dictionary

H-Mediterranean shares online resource The Athens Social Atlas

Teaching Resources

H-High-S shares Choices for the 21st Century resource

H-High-S shares AHA Perspectives essay on incorporating digital media and methods into history teaching

H-HistBibl shares resources for teaching local history using digital methods

News & Publication Roundups


H-Education shares list of Educational History Articles in Current Periodicals

H-Nationalism's Weekend Readings for the weeks of 12/1512/22, and 12/29

H-Sport's Journal Watch

H-Democracy's Weekly Five

H-Poland's member publications update

H-Eugenics's list of eugenics publications

H-DC's list of Washington DC history books from 2017

H-HistBibl shares most amazing archival treasures digitized in 2017

H-War's latest Military History Digest


H-Sci-Med-Tech shares Comparing Chinese and American Bioethics: Cheng and Tomlinson Podcast

H-Podcast shares Nature's Past Episode 58: The Past and Future of Canadian Environmental History

H-Podcast shares Change Over Time podcast

H-SE Asia shares Breaking History Episode 19: Indonesia- Living Through Dictatorship and Resistance (Part 1 of 3)

H-Environment shares new episode of Exploring Environmental History podcast: Histories of Militarized Landscapes in Australia

H-Podcast shares Filibustering History Episode 19: Tim Garrity - Executive Director, Mount Desert Island Historical Society

H-Ideas shares New Books in Gender Studies episode with Anthony J. La Vopa, author of The Labor of the Mind

H-Education adds to its running list of history of education podcasts

H-Demog shares This Podcast Will Kill You, new podcast on the history of infectious disease

H-Africa shares new Hip Hop African episode: Quentin Williams on Multilingualism & Hip Hop in South Africa

H-Podcast shares new literary and cultural podcast, Words to that Effect

H-AmRel shares new podcast Sexing History on religion, gender, and sexuality


H-DC remembers Mamie Johnson, last surviving woman to have played Major League Baseball in the Negro Leagues

H-Judaic remembers Lawrence Stager, scholar and teacher of SyroPalestinian archaeology


H-HistBibl shares article of interest about ensuring the integrity of the digital scholarly record

H-Net Reviews

H-Diplo: Ulf Engel reviews The Fabric of Peace in Africa: Looking beyond the State

H-War: Robert Kirchubel reviews The First Nazi: Erich Ludendorff, the Man Who Made Hitler Possible

H-War: Kaete O'Connell reviews The Stomach for Fighting: Food and the Soldiers of the Great War

H-War: Dave Burford reviews Preparing for War: The Emergence of the Modern U.S. Army, 1815-1917

H-EnviroHealth: Roundtable review by Frederick R. Davis, Dawn Biehler, and Amy Hay on Silent Spring

H-Diplo: Eric Grynaviski reviews Nixon's Back Channel to Moscow: Confidential Diplomacy and Détente

H-Haiti: Vanessa Mongey reviews Toussaint Louverture: A Revolutionary Life

H-Law: Michelle Martindale reviews Wisconsin and the Shaping of American Law

H-FedHist: Branden Little reviews Woodrow Wilson and American Internationalism

H-Japan: John E. Van Sant reviews Samurai Assassins: "Dark Murder" and the Meiji Restoration, 1853-1868

H-Japan: Annemarie Sawkins reviews Portraiture and Early Studio Photography in China and Japan

H-FedHist: Gary C. Anderson reviews The Infamous Dakota War Trials of 1862: Revenge, Military Law and the Judgment of History

H-Empire: Christina Carroll reviews Arguing about Empire: Imperial Rhetoric in Britain and France, 1882-1956

H-Socialisms: Jake Slovis reviews MDC: Memoir from a Damaged Civilization: Stories of Punk, Fear, and Redemption

H-SEA: Jaro Stacul reviews Creative Urbanity: An Italian Middle Class in the Shade of Revitalization

H-Law: Lyman Johnson reviews Fractional Freedoms: Slavery, Intimacy, and Legal Mobilization in Colonial Lima, 1600-1700

H-Judaic: Naomi Taub reviews The Marriage Plot: Or, How Jews Fell in Love with Love, and with Literature

H-Diplo: David Clarke reviews War beyond Words: Languages of Remembrance from the Great War to the Present

H-War: Nicholas Sambaluk reviews King of Battle: Artillery in World War I

H-War: Heather P. Venable reviews Counter Jihad: America's Military Experience in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria

H-War: Michael McGuire reviews A Rainbow Division Lieutenant in France: The World War I Diary of John H. Tabler

H-Disability: Celeste Sharpe reviews Rethinking Disability: World Perspectives in Culture and Society

H-Music: Alexander W. Cowan reviews The Musical Novel: Imitations of Musical Structure, Performance, and Reception in Contemporary Fiction

H-Sci-Med-Tech: Tillmann Taape reviews Medizin im Konflikt: Fakultäten, Märkte und Experten in deutschen Universitätsstädten des 14. bis 16. Jahrhuderts

H-Diplo: Paul Stubbs reviews The NGO Game: Post-Conflict Peacebuilding in the Balkans and Beyond

H-War: Douglas Peifer reviews Munich 1919: Diary of a Revolution

H-War: David Lorenzo reviews The Causes of War and the Spread of Peace: But Will War Rebound?

H-War: Thomas Jamison reviews The United States Military in Latin America: A History of Inventions through 1934

H-LatAm: Seth Garfield reviews Volkswagen in the Amazon: The Tragedy of Global Development in Modern Brazil

H-LatAm: William Kelly reviews The Logic of Compromise in Mexico: How the Countryside Was Key to the Emergence of Authoritarianism

H-SHGAPE: Justin J. Masucci reviews Black Flag Boricuas: Anarchism, Antiauthoritarianism, and the Left in Puerto Rico, 1897-1921

H-Judaic: Jennifer Caplan reviews Masculinity and the Making of American Judaism

H-Judaic: Matthew N. Lyons reviews Making Sense of the Alt-Right

H-Net Commons Top Hits

Most Viewed Page: H-Animal's Syllabus Exchange

Top Discussion: H-Islamart's obituary for Karl Schlamminger

Top Review: Paul Clemans's 2016 review of A Different Face of War: Memories of a Medical Service Corps Officer in Vietnam​ for H-War

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