H-Net This Week (Roundup from around the Commons for the week of December 8 - 14, 2017)

Last Week's RoundupDecember 8 - 14, 2017

Network Publications


H-Amstdy's latest American Childhoods series: What's Wrong with Christmas in Highlights for Children?



H-Sports discusses what it means to be a sports power in Latin America

H-Antisemitism and H-Holocaust share press coverage of US recognition of Israeli capital

H-CivWar continues discussion on freedpeople’s vengeance during and after the Civil War

H-Disability suggests disability memoirs

H-War continues discussion on operational history

H-South revists discussion on phrase "southern way of life"

H-HistBibl shares open letter to publishers calling for open citations

H-PRC subscribers suggest American identity of Chinese name

H-HistBibl discusses new Cengage e-textbook subscription service


H-DC query about lost Liberty Bell replica

H-DC seeks info on Federal City Council in late 1960s

H-SHERA seeks Russian-English translator

H-Judaic subscriber seeks sources on reconstructions of haftarot

Research Resources

H-Islamart shares Kamil and Rifat Chadirji Photographic Archive at MIT's Aga Khan Documentation Center

H-HistBibl shares news about Wayne Open, new open access program from WSU Press

H-Diplo shares National Security Archive briefing on NATO expansion and assurances to Gorbachev

Teaching Resources

H-High-S shares new Eagle Eye Citizen, interactive project on Congress, civic participation, & primary sources

H-Disability shares reading suggestions for disability memoirs

H-HistBibl shares responses to new e-textbook subscription service

News & Publication Roundups

H-Nationalism's Weekend Reading

H-Lusophone's recent publications on Lusophone Africa



H-Podcast shares Filibustering History podcast episodes featuring Tom Leary, educational consultant and learning designer and Yun Shun Susie Chung, museologist and adjunct faculty

H-World shares Breaking History podcast episode Indonesia- Living Through Dictatorship and Resistance. Part 1 of 3, An Interview with Kemal Taruc

H-AmRel shares lates New Books in American Studies podcast featuring Kathryn Lofton, author of Consuming Religion

H-Oral-Hist shares latest episode of Sexing History

H-Haiti shares Ben Franklin's World: Doing History podcast episode The American Revolution in the Age of Revolution

H-Asia shares Online Gods podcast episode Rumour and the Agents of Love


H-Luso-Africa remembers Landeg White, scholar, novelist, poet, and translator

H-Islamart remembers Karl Schlamminger, artist and teacher


H-Net Reviews

H-Diplo: Danielle Battisti reviews The Best Possible Immigrants: International Adoption and the American Family

H-War: Andrew Akin reviews How States Pay for Wars

H-War: Timothy C. Hemmis reviews Theatres of Opposition: Empire, Revolution, and Richard Brinsley Sheridan

H-War: Nathaniel Moir reviews War in the Shallows: U.S. Navy Coastal and Riverine Warfare in Vietnam, 1965-1968

H-Buddhism: Hyangsoon Yi reviews Silver Screen Buddha: Buddhism in Asian and Western Film

H-Diplo: Dael Norwood reviews The New Middle Kingdom: China and the Early American Romance of Free Trade

H-Buddhism: Xiaofei Tu reviews Right Thoughts at the Last Moment: Buddhism and Deathbed Practices in Early Medieval Japan

H-FedHist: Paula Baker reviews The Unexpected President: The Life and Times of Chester A. Arthur

H-Buddhism: Joseph S. O'Leary reviews In Search of the Way: Thought and Religion in Early-Modern Japan, 1582-1860

H-Water: Rohan D'Souza reviews Rivers Divided: Indus Basin Waters in the Making of India and Pakistan

H-Environment: Pamela Murray reviews Mapping the Country of Regions: The Chorographic Commission of Nineteenth-Century Colombia

H-Environment: Gary Van Valen reviews Landscape and Politics in the Ancient Andes: Biographies of Place at Khonkho Wankane

H-AmIndian: Sean P. Harvey reviews Patriots and Indians: Shaping Identity in Eighteenth-Century South Carolina

H-Net Commons Top Hits:

Most Viewed Page: H-Animal Syllabus Exchange

Top Discussion: H-Amstdy's Americna Childhoods series What's Wrong with Christmas in Highlights for Children?

Top Review: Nellie H. Ohr's 2000 review of Reconstructing the State: Personal Networks and Elite Identity in Soviet Russia for H-Russia

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