Why should I support H-Net with my donations?

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During this busy time of year it seems as if things to do multiply by the minute. There’s always something to do, a place to be, a request to consider. I hope you will take a moment and give this request serious consideration. Please consider supporting H-Net with a one-time or recurring donation during our annual fundraising drive.

Like many of you, I support H-Net with my financial donations. Since I first encountered H-Net as a graduate student at Kansas State University in 1995, I have used it to find resources, read book reviews, locate colleagues, search for jobs . . . the list goes on. For decades, H-Net has been the go-to resource for myself and so many others. One of the best things about H-Net is the "come as you are" philosophy. All are welcome, whether you are a faculty member, graduate student, or anyone who has an interest in a given field. This mindset in turn, encourages site users to be as active with the site as they wish, whether that be as an occasional reader, network editor or advisory board member, or a member of the leadership team.

Since 2015, I have been fully online at my university. I am the only full-time history faculty member, which means that aside from my exceptional pool of adjuncts, there are almost no opportunities to engage with historians at my institution. H-Net is one of the organizations I have turned to for collegiality and to keep up with new scholarship in my field. I have sought to offer my time as an H-Net volunteer, as have hundreds of others who keep H-Net running. We are a non-profit, volunteer organization that relies on the efforts of its members to remain the premiere academic resource for Humanities and Social Science scholars.

As H-Net prepares to turn yet another corner with the launch of H-Net 3.0, we invite you to continue supporting this valuable organization through your time and your donations.

You can support H-Net by credit card, using this link:

Or send your check payable to H-Net to:

H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online
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Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season, and a prosperous 2022.



Leigh Ann Wilson

Vice President, Teaching and Learning; H-Net Advisory Board Member, H-Borderlands and H-Ethnic