At the Heart of a Remarkable Global Academic Community - Giving Tuesday

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Friends of H-Net,

As I finish up my time as our Vice President of Networks, I’ve been reflecting on how amazing H-Net is. I can think of no other academic organization that combines such a thoroughly democratic governing structure with an unparalleled record of open access content and shared
commitment to academic rigor and best practices. From the hundreds of academics who volunteer with us as editors to the tens of thousands of subscribers who follow our networks to the millions of netizens who read our content every year, H-Net is at the heart of a remarkable global academic community. The longer I have served with H-Net the more in awe I have become at how much scholarly discussion and production it sustains, and with only a razor thin budget and handful of professional staff.

It has been genuinely heartwarming to see our community rally behind H-Net in these difficult times, with hundreds of individuals stepping forward to help safeguard its financial security and support its growth. I hope you’ll join me in helping H-Net reach its Giving Tuesday fall fundraising goal, whether through a one-time donation or by setting up a recurring monthly contribution. Small sums add up fast, and every penny goes directly to support H-Net’s core mission.

You can always support H-Net directly at:

Thank you for helping H-Net thrive!



David Prior

Vice President of Networks; H-Net Review Editor, H-Slavery; Network Editor, H-Slavery and H-Nationalism; Advisory Board, H-Nationalism