It's the Users Who Make H-Net Great

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Dear H-Net colleagues,


I’ve been a member of the H-Net since my first year in grad school. It’s various lists and networks have helped give me useful advice, inspired my research, helped me find new conferences, match up with intellectual colleagues, and it’s helped me find my job! One of my first research trips was because of a tip I received from a fellow graduate student at a different program whom I had never met, and I found sources I’ve used for many projects! In the years since, I’ve often gone back to various H-Net networks to find helpful information about archives, sources, conferences, and more.


While there are lots of different online groups and communities out there, H-Net is unique. You don’t pay by giving up your privacy. It doesn’t sell your user information to make money. The few ads it has are from book publishers, which makes me happy! It’s an ethical, academic, non-profit institution which works to connect scholars from around the world. And it really does work!


My H-Net digest emails are some of the first things I read in the morning, and they are an important part of my daily routine. Because I rely on H-Net, and because H-Net has done so much for me, I have chosen to give back as a recurring donor. It’s not a lot, but it’s something. After all, every little contribution counts. It’s the users who make H-Net a great organization. And for them, I contribute.

We are so close to meeting our goal of 50 new recurring contributors for this campaign!


If you haven’t already, please take a moment to consider if have the means to become a monthly supporter. You can set up your donation by following this link:



Seth Offenbach

President-Elect; H-Net Review Editor/Network Editor, H-Diplo