Two New Resources for Scholars Affected by the Coronavirus

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Dear H-Net Subscribers,

The far-reaching effects of social distancing and other measures designed to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19 have left many of us scrambling to create online teacing materials or robbed of opportunities to share our work with our peers at conferences. To help on both fronts, H-Net has created two new repositories:

Resources for Teaching Online is designed to be a space where we can share resources with each other about how to repurpose face-to-face course materials in an online format. For many, this will be their first online teaching experience. For others who may have previously taught online, it is still quite disruptive to be forced to repurpose face-to-face teaching materials so quickly. It is our hope that the H-Net Community can come together and crowdsource resources for each other in these difficult times.

Remote Conference Presentations is a space created to give scholars an opportunity to share papers or presentations that were intended for now-canceled conferences. Sharing our work and receiving feedback from our peers is an important part of our professional development as scholars. We hope this provides many of you with that opportunity.

As with all content on the H-Net Commons, intentional use of Categories and Keywords will help us keep this content organized and easy to navigate. Please reach out to us if you need assistance with any of our services:


Take care and please take these social distancing precautions seriously. We can all contribute to slowing the spead of this virus.


All the best,


Jesse Draper

Interim Executive Director

(517) 884-5967