H-Net's Future: A Glimpse of the Next 25 Years

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Quo Vadis, H-Net?  It’s our 25th anniversary, so naturally we wonder where the next 25 years will take us.  Our transition to the H-Net Commons five years ago opened a new world of possibilities for content sharing, networking, publishing, and communications services for scholars in the social sciences and humanities.  Will you help us get there?

Our talented professional staff and a legion of wonderful volunteer editors are already marking out an exciting future for our organization. A few glimpses beyond the horizon:

  • Expanded coverage of new scholarship at our innovative Book Channel, to help authors, publishers, and audiences find each other and support academic publishing

  • Build capacity for podcasting and innovative reviewing of scholarship.  Our podcast series, The Art of the Review, and our new network H-PODCAST are helping to develop new standards for online reviewing and scholarly communications.

  • Growing collaborations with scholarly societies through joint recording and dissemination of conference sessions, publication of conference reports, and podcast interviews with new and rising scholars.

  • An exciting new adventure in open-access publishing with the development of enterprise-wide peer review standards and the launch of the Journal of Festive Studies on a new Open Journal platform.

  • As always, welcoming new H-Net networks that gather fresh audiences in new fields of study.

We cannot make this journey into the future without you.  Please help us bring these new initiatives to fruition and ensure they remain free and open to all.

Thank you to the thousands of H-Netters who have stepped forward to help our 25th Anniversary Campaign!  If you have not yet joined your colleagues in contributing, please consider doing so! 

We cannot do it without you, our readers.

Please help us continue by donating to H-Net today as we celebrate 25 years of service.



Peter Knupfer, PhD

Executive Director, H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online