The Commons Is Back Online

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Dear H-Net Subscribers,

We are happy to report that the Commons is back online! Most of the work done was under the hood, so you won't notice any drastic changes in the look of things unless you're an editor moderating posts. However, you should see an improvement in the way content is organized across the entire site.

The new set of categories will help you to find similar content from across all the networks. For example, here's a link to every syllabus posted on the Commons. Similarly, the Resources Tab on the Commons front page is even more powerful, gathering like resources, such as bibliographies and teaching resources, from every network. We've also improved the All Networks page, so users can discover the forums they are interested in joining. One fix that remains is the Profiles feature--we are working on it and hope to get it running shortly.

We thank you, the users and editors, for your patience over the weekend, and extend a big thanks to the home office staff who made it happen, especially Associate Director for Networks, Jesse Draper; Systems Administrator, Dennis Boone; and H-Net staff members Kendra Fuller and Erik Rose, for their hard work in these final days of a rather long project.

As always, please reach out to the home office if you have any questions or require assistance, by email at, or phone at (517) 432-5134, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST.

All the best,

Yelena Kalinsky
Associate Director for Research & Publications