25 Years of Supporting our Common Profession

Peter Knupfer Discussion

Has H-Net helped you find a job, hire a new colleague, join or manage a scholarly organization, develop skills with new media, find and deepen contacts with fellow professionals, or find a conference or publishing outlet for your research?

For Jake Jurss, now a postdoc at the University of Minnesota, a year as Assistant Editor for the H-Net Book Channel while he finished his thesis was a way “to build an online community that I continue to value today. I developed technical skills, as a digital communicator and coordinator, which allowed me to understand better the world of academic publishing. I also strengthened my own editorial skills that I continue to rely on in both my academic and public history pursuits.”

For 25 years helping great people like Jake to succeed at institutions large and small has been our passion, with a special place in our hearts for preprofessionals, independent scholars, students, and junior scholars just starting to navigate a complicated academic universe.  Grad students launched many of our first networks, served as coequals on our governance committees, and developed the skills of commissioning and editing reviews, discussions, and essays, opportunities that were very limited to them in conventional channels.  At our home office, grad students have served as editors of new essays and engaged in content and features development for our platform, and we have hired, trained, and helped to graduate dozens of undergraduates.  In turn they have taught us so much about social media and the information-gathering habits of new generations of students and scholars.

Over the next few months you will be hearing from more of these wonderful people — editors, staff members, students — who launched careers and built confidence with new media as they worked alongside us.

Please help us continue to support our common profession!  If you haven’t yet contributed to this year’s 25th anniversary funding campaign, please consider donating to H-Net today.

We cannot do it without you, our readers.



Peter Knupfer, PhD

Executive Director, H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online