We're almost there -- help H-Net's 25th Anniversary funding effort!

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Dear H-Net Readers:

As we approach the end of the fiscal year for many academic institutions, H-Net is close to achieving this quarter’s goal of $25,000 toward the cost of rebuilding its servers and strengthening its core services; can you help us get the rest of the way?  We are very grateful to the many colleagues who have donated what they could toward this effort to keep our services free and accessible to everyone.  Our home office staff is launching new programs to attract sponsorships for H-Net Reviews, the Book Channel, and the H-Net Job Guide.  We are hoping that a mix of donations, sponsorships, and underwriting can recoup the heavy cost of equipment and personnel, and enable us to maintain a central operating reserve to both handle emergencies and germinate new programs in the future.

Since our founding in 1993 H-Net has navigated a rapidly-changing internet by hewing to the simple principle that scholars should be at the helm of scholarly communications; they should own their servers, manage content, and keep the lines of debate open and productive for everyone.

In a recent message to subscribers at H-Nationalism, network board member David Prior observed that “in my ten years of service with H-Nationalism, I have always been struck by our parent organization’s deep commitment to supporting informed discussion, safeguarding academic resources, and giving scholars of all ranks room to grow as editors and authors. A few quick moments to make a donation promises to help ensure another 25 years of intellectual exchange in the form of book reviews, interviews, blog series, debate, queries, and new initiatives like podcasting.”  Hundreds of dedicated volunteers like Dave Prior, plus our remarkable home office staff of undergrads, graduate students, and professionals, and especially readers like you make H-Net what it is — and give us a foundation for continued success.

We cannot do it without you, our readers.

Please help us continue by donating to H-Net today as we celebrate 25 years of service to our common profession.



Peter Knupfer, PhD

Executive Director, H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online