Announcing H-Celebration, H-SHERA, H-Nahuatl and H-Music

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Announcing H-Celebration, H-SHERA, H-Nahuatl and H-Music

 H-Net proudly welcomes H-Celebration, H-SHERA, H-Nahuatl and H-Music to its family of nearly 200 networks, now available on the H-Net Commons. Read on and follow the links below for more information about these exciting new networks!


H-Celebration seeks to bring together the far-flung fields of Celebration Studies, Festive Studies, and Holiday Studies. Much research and writing has been done in these areas, but with few common spaces for scholars and researchers and come together to discuss, share resources, and publish. Our aim is to unify the scholars who work in these area but need to fit themselves and interests into other departments, publications, conferences, and networks. H-Celebration will provide a fertile place and digital tools for this growing field to thrive.

H-Celebration Editorial Staff

Patrick Cox - Rutgers University

Daniel Fandino - Michigan State University

Vasiliki Sirakouli - Independent Scholar / Ethnomusicology and Cultural Anthropology Lab, NKUA(ext)

R. de Matas - Independent Scholar

Carolyn G. Kolb - Tulane University

Narasimhananda Swami - Advaita Ashrama, Ramakrishna Math

Cora Gaebel - University of Cologne

Tiff Graham - Otis College of Art and Design

Eva Rapoport - Mahidol University

Mihai Stelian Rusu - Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu

Review Editors

Linda Levitt - Stephen F. Austin State University

H-Celebration Advisory Board

Matthew Dennis - University of Oregon

Russell Belk - Schulich School of Business, York University


All H-Celebration content is freely accessible at:

You can contact the editors of H-Celebration here:


H-SHERA is the new home for the Society of Historians of Eastern European, Eurasian, and Russian Art and Architecture (SHERA). Founded in 1995, SHERA brings together scholars specializing in the art and architecture of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, from ancient times to the present day. SHERA creates a sense of community for scholars around the world, serving as a vibrant source of information and exchange.

H-SHERA Editorial Staff

Corina Apostol - Rutgers University

Yelena Kalinsky - H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online

Review Editors

Hanna Chuchvaha - H-Russia

H-SHERA Advisory Board

Natalia Kolodzei - Executive Director, Kolodzei Art Foundation

Eva Forgacs - President at SHERA

Anna P. Sokolina - International Archive of Women in Architecture IAWA

Nicolas Iljine

Karen Kettering

All H-SHERA content is freely accessible at:

You can contact the editors of H-SHERA here:


H-Nahautl's mission is to provide a simple medium where scholars interested in studying the Nahua or Nahuatl (Aztecs or Aztec language) can go to be in communication with others. The network will accept postings in English, Spanish, Nahuatl, and French. Historically the network has addressed issues relevant to understanding nuances of Nahuatl, the grammar and structure of the language. It also serves as a place where the general public can inquire about specific issues of the Nahua. Lastly, it provides a forum wherein scholars can announce their research plans and seek assistance from others in the field.

H-Nahautl Editorial Staff

Stephanie Wood - Director, Wired Humanities Projects

John Schwaller - University of Albany

Galen Brokaw - Montana State University

H-Nahuatl Advisory Board

John Sullivan

Louise Burkhart

Fran Karttunen

Joe Campbell

All H-Nahautl content is freely accessible at:

You can contact the editors of H-Nahuatl here:


H-Music is a network devoted to historical scholarship of music. We hope to initiative, and provide a forum for, debate between scholars from a range of disciplines interested in this agenda. It is our contention that historians can deepen their understanding of historical, social and cultural contexts by taking music more fully into account while historical musicologists and other scholars from a Cultural Studies background may benefit from a more thorough historical contextualization of music. 

H-Music Editorial Staff

Lars Fischer - UCL Department of Hebrew & Jewish Studies

Michael Berkowitz - University College London

Review Editors

Lars Fischer - UCL Department of Hebrew & Jewish Studies

H-Music Advisory Board

Shirli Gilbert - University of Southampton 

Miranda Stanyon

All H-Music content is freely accessible at:

You can contact the editors of H-Music here: