H-Net is 25! Join the Celebration!

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Dear H-Net Readers:

In 1993 when I heard about this new organization that would help me use my fancy Pentium PC (with its whopping 40 megabyte hard drive) to improve my teaching, research, and service by reaching out to thousands of my colleagues, I joined up right away.  That was twenty five years ago, before Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and the blogosphere, and H-Net is still here providing a safe harbor for sharing ideas and making connections.  We're celebrating our achievements and looking ahead over the rest of the year, so you’ll be hearing from editors, home office staff, readers, and H-Net leaders about our plans for the future.  And we’ll be reaching into our vaults for fascinating past discussions stretching back to 1989.

If you haven't yet donated to support our services, please join your colleagues who have done so, and invest in H-Net's future.  $25, tax-deductible, from each of you will keep H-Net growing for years to come.

And growth can be expensive: did you know that H-Net buys, maintains, and owns all of its equipment?  At H-Net, scholars, not computer centers, cloud services, tech titans, universities, or big corporations, own and run the servers.

We are investing over $20,000 to rebuild our infrastructure, with newer, safer, faster machines running more powerful operating systems capable of expanding well in the future.  And we are about to roll out the most significant improvement of our site's search and sharing functions since the Commons launched in 2013.

Please help us with these major upgrades!  And help us keep H-Net free and accessible to everyone without giving up your personal information in return for access!

This month, we are celebrating with free upgrades of base job notices to featured status on our site and social media feeds, with your logos, to help employers get a jump-start on a busy job-hunting season.

Visit our HNet25 Crossroads site for a timeline of our history, testimonials from editors, and featured discussions from our archive of millions of email messages of the past twenty-five years.

On behalf of our hundreds of volunteer editors, officers, and staff,

Thank you for supporting H-Net!


Peter Knupfer, PhD
Executive Director, H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online


H-Net has been an integral, irreplaceable part of my career as an independent scholar of World War II. I have printouts in my files from my first H-Net gleanings and conversations in 1993...In the past few years, it has informed me of Calls for Papers that have made it possible for me to participate in conferences around the world. Essentially, H-Net brings me the colleagues and the cohort that I otherwise would never have. Thank you...and many more happy and productive returns of the day!

When I first joined the H-Net community in the mid 1990s, I was using the email from my graduate school program. Back then, everyone's email address was quite strictly dictated by each academic institution, but I somehow found a way for my UCLA email account to identify me as Lois "Puts the Femme in Feminist" Leveen. From time to time, I still come across another early user who, hearing the name Lois Leveen, remembers that. The combination of double alliteration, good scansion, and being an early user who figured out how to add creative to the name associated with an official email account has kept me memorable. I just hope my posts were worthy of the attention.

Good Evening Reverend Sir,
Thanking you for your kind initiative to encourage the social science research in the world. I am from India and pursuing my Doctoral Research from B B Ambedkar University Lucknow. I am very grateful to for this great effort.
Thanking you once again.
Santosh Kumar