Featured Jobs Announcement

Jesse Draper - Associate Director, Networks's picture

We have been working on improving the H-Net Job Guide, both for users and the institutions that place the ads. Here are two of our recent updates:

  1. We have created an H-Net Job Guide Twitter account that tweets out new jobs on a weekly publishing schedule. Every day of the week we will be sending out the jobs posted a number of individual categories. We encourage you to follow the new H-Net Job Guide Twitter feed: @HnetJobGuide
  2. Now when institutions choose to make their ad a Featured Job, the position is posted individually to our Twitter and Facebook accounts for added exposure.

We are also working on developing ways to make it easier for network editors to post relevant job ads from the Job Guide to their networks. More to come on that.

The Job Guide is what enables us to offer our services free of charge. Please take a moment to spread the word about these updates to your colleagues.


All the best,

Jesse Draper

Associate Director - Networks