Announcing H-IslamInAfrica

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Announcing H-IslamInAfrica

 H-Net proudly welcomes H-IslamInAfrica to its family of nearly 200 networks, now available on the H-Net Commons. Read on and follow the links below for more information about these exciting new networks!

H-IslamInAfrica promotes scholarly research, both within and outside Africa, in all areas and disciplines of the social sciences and humanities relevant to Islam in Africa. We want to encourage international cooperation and facilitate the exchange of ideas and meaningful dialogue among persons engaged in research on Islam in Africa. Toward those ends, the network aims to:

  • Encourage the publication and dissemination of scholarly and artistic works as well as primary sources on Islamic studies and related topics.
  • Organize panels, symposia, and conferences on Islam in Africa at meetings of regional, national and international organizations.
  • And provide the general public with information on issues of historical, cultural, and contemporary interest in Islam in Africa.

H-IslamInAfrica Editorial Staff

Nathaniel Matthews - Binghampton University

Terje Ostebo - University of Florida

Review Editors

Saarah Jappie - University of the Witwatersrand

H-IslamInAfrica Advisory Board

Fallou Ngom

Scott Reese

Erin Pettigrew

Fulera Ishaka


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