What Did You Do When the Lights Switched Off On Twitter?

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If you face that question in a few years, you hopefully can answer: I supported H-Net, a way better community than Twitter.

I joined H-Net as a graduate student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette when it was still a ListServ in the mid-2000s. H-Grad was an excellent resource to learn about Ph.D. programs, but it was networks like H-CivWar that offered me my first publishing opportunities reviewing books. H-Net has provided many young scholars an opportunity to advance their scholarship. How many queries received quick answers thanks to H-Net? How many of us found panels and conferences to present our work? H-Net has been an invaluable resource in my career.

Today as Editor of H-CivWar and Vice President of Research and Publications, it is a great pleasure to be a supporter for the next generation of young scholars. There are many challenges we have mastered over the past two years and it is the generosity of our subscribers that has allowed H-Net and its staff at the home office in Michigan to take us into exciting new directions. As we look to 2023 and 2024, we await with excitement H-Net 3.0, a modern and more user-friendly Commons, as well as the updating of the H-Net Job Guide and Reviews Management System.

We are not a vast corporation with a billionaire financier, we rely on the support of our subscribers to keep the lights on, whether that is by volunteering as editors, reviewers, bloggers, or by providing a one-time donation. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will help H-Net continue to serve the vast community of scholars. Please consider donating this Holiday Season to H-Net.

To donate by credit card online, please follow this link to the Support H-Net page: https://networks.h-net.org/support-h-net

Or send a check payable to H-Net:

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Niels Eichhorn

Vice President of Research and Publications; Chief Editor, H-CivWar