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My warmest greetings to my fellow H-Netters. My name is Charles Muller, and I've been around on H-Net since the late nineties. It was fairly early in my career, but I had a sense from the beginning of the World Wide Web that it was very shortly going to play a pivotal part in the world of academia. So during the mid-nineties, I had started up an e-mail forum for scholars in the world of Buddhist studies, called "BudSchol." It was quite successful from the start, but as a simple e-mail forum it lacked the networking functionality that H-Net had, and also could not support job advertisement services and book review services. So in 2001, we applied to have our mail list included in H-Net. This application was approved and accepted, and we joined under the label of H-Buddhism.

After that, our network grew tremendously, and in a short time became the main forum for the exchange of academic information about Buddhist studies: H-Buddhism became the central digital communication network in our field. We have been extremely active doing book reviews, and have benefited immensely from the job advertisements service--along with all the other small benefits that come from H-Net membership.

But the bulk of the editorial and managerial work done on H-Net is carried out by scholars who are volunteering their time. Therefore H-Net is greatly dependent upon our regular donations to keep itself up and running. That's why I donate every year without question, and I encourage all of our H-Net members to do the same.

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A. Charles Muller, Professor

Buddhist Culture Research Center, Musashino University





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