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My name is Evan C. Rothera. I will begin my term as H-Net President Elect in January 2023. I am currently Assistant Professor of History at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith.

I have served as a book review editor for H-Nationalism since January 2019. Many of you have heard me make this point before, but I would like to make it again. Book reviews are one of the most important services scholars perform for each other and I have enjoyed spending the last four years pairing reviewers with books. The flexibility and freedom H-Net provides reviewers and review editors should not be understated. Print journals have very strict length requirements and often have to trim reviews so as to not exceed the pages allotted for a particular issue. H-Net, on the other hand, encourages reviewers to write longer and more in-depth reviews. Once the network review editors and the copyeditors approve the reviews, they can be published immediately, unlike print journals, which often have a backlog. H-Net Reviews is close to publishing its 1,000th review in 2022! The work of our talented review editors and reviewers should be commended and we should strive to ensure that H-Net continues to maintain such an impressive and robust book review program.

As a member of the H-Net Council, I have been extremely impressed by excellent programs and initiatives such as H-Net’s inaugural teaching conference, “Uncharted Territories: Teaching History, Humanities, and Social Sciences in Innovative Ways” and David Prior, Alison Efford, and Niels Eichhorn’s digital anthology, Cultural Encounters of the Civil War Era. As I noted in my statement when I ran for President-Elect, these programs and initiatives demonstrate that H-Net has become one of the most innovative spaces for scholarly engagement and creativity. As H-Net President-Elect I intend to support, reinforce, and develop these initiatives and I hope that you will consider doing so as well by making a financial donation!

At a time when the internet and social media have put worlds of information at people’s fingertips, when people should be even more connected than ever, many are feeling more and more isolated and alone. H-Net, by all that it does, helps combat this trend by creating and maintaining communities among many different groups of people. This work is vital, especially considering the nature of the world in which we find ourselves today.

In sum, I hope you will consider making a financial donation to H-Net. Even a small amount can go a long way to ensure that H-Net remains able to serve the global scholarly community.


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Evan C. Rothera

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