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Greeting H-AfroAm.

As H-Net Vice-President for Networks I have been acting as interim editor for H-South for a while. H-South strikes me as a pretty important network: new subscribers join almost daily bringing the subscription base to nearly 3000, and posts come in pretty regularly even without editors putting up new content to engage readers. H-South does currently have one editor, Lindsey Batchman, who came on board to work on a single multi-media project for H-South. But H-South needs more field experts running it, or developing additional projects. Also, H-Net recently decommissioned H-Southern-Lit, H-Southern-Music, and H-Southern-Religion with the idea those networks' interests can be represented here, which enhances the need for a dedicated team of editors to moderate posts and develop resources and original content for the broad field of Southern Studies.

We are seeking volunteers to take over this network and make it thrive. Tasks could include 

  • working as a moderator of posts from subscribers, and reviewing the many posts that come in daily to H-Announce, H-Reviews, and elsewhere on H-Net for cross-posting to H-South
  • commissioning academic reviews of books relevant to H-South
  • developing new publications, from informal to peer-reviewed, for digital first open access publication on H-South
  • blogging and/or organizing bloggers
  • calling for teaching or research resources and compiling the collection on H-South
  • working with professional associations to develop new resources, publications, conference reports and videos, etc.
  • working with archives to support and host digitization projects to store as unique resources on H-South
  • working with traditional publications and authors to create online, mulit-media supplemental texts.

We're looking for people interested in using some of the range of tools available on H-Net: . You need not be tech-savvy—if you have an interest and a vision, H-Net will provide training and support—but I would say tech-comfortable would be good. Ideally, multiple people will apply to form a team of editors: no one is expected to do everything. Editing H-Net networks provides invaluable service to the field and a unique line to your CV. Those who apply will find a blank slate to work with and a ready-made audience already in place. 

If you are interested or have questions (even if you've expressed interest in the past and are still interested), contact Patrick Cox at vp-net@mail.h-net.msu.edu and we can talk about the position.


Patrick Cox

H-NET Vice-President for Networks

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