Panel for 2018 Southern Historical Association Annual Meeting

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I am interested in presenting at the 2018 SHA annual meeting and am seeking others to propose a panel. My timeframe is the early national period, ca 1788-1800. My focus is on a northern merchant from Philadelphia who moves to Savannah, GA, and tried to make a go of it in a hyper-competitive, but cash-poor marketplace.  Key terms to look for parallel monographs might be:

  • proto-capitalism or early market-capitalism
  • barter economies
  • post-revolutionary South
  • land for debt
  • re-establishment (or re-envisoning) of the slave society
  • northern merchants and the south

Contact me if interested:

John C. Savagian, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Humanities and Professor of History
Alverno College, Milwaukee, WI


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