Call for Bloggers: The Journal of the Civil War Era

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Have thoughts about connections between the antebellum/Civil War South and current events? Interested in writing for the public? Consider pitching a post to Muster, The blog is affiliated with The Journal of the Civil War Era, published by the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and the Richards Civil War Center at Penn State.

At Muster, we explore how studying the antebellum period, Civil War, and Reconstruction can inform our understanding of the modern world. We have recently published posts about how President Buchanan chose his cabinet, the relationship between the 3/5 clause and Southern representation in the electoral college, and how Confederate widows coped with loss during the holidays. 

Each of these posts situates a current event within its historical context (c. 1830 to 1880). Potential topics for posts might include, but are not limited to: political parties and realignments, immigration, protest movements, racial violence, humans’ relationship to the environment, the education system, religious freedom, or anything else that is in the news today and was also on people’s minds in the nineteenth century.

We also publish periodic posts about pop culture (such as reviews of films, novels, or other media), public history sites and interpretation, or pedagogical ideas for the college classroom.

We welcome the submission of one-paragraph pitches or complete posts ( Posts are usually about 1,000-1,200 words, with 2-4 images. They are written in an academic (yet accessible) tone, by trained experts in the field, adhering to the same guidelines as articles published in the print journal (CMS citations, etc.).

Please address inquiries to the journal’s digital media editor, Kristen Epps, at