Call for Panel Submissions: Displacement and Transience in the Early Atlantic.

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We are seeking panelists to join us at the European Early American Studies Association Conference in London, 14-16 December 2018.

This panel will explore the theme of displacement and transience in the early Atlantic. It is organised based on the premise that colonists who permanently migrated to the Americas were physically displaced yet often retained a sense of belonging to their mother country. Secondly, that even non-permanent migrants to the Americas engaged in cross-cultural interactions. This in turn changed both migrants and society in the mother country upon the former’s return. Finally, that irrespective of migrants' point of departure to the Americas, their colonial experience was not necessarily free, nor hermetically sealed from those of other European nations, the forced migration of other African slaves, or the cooperation and resistance of indigenous nations.

We are particularly keen to engage panelists who examine emotional displacement and associated transformations in identity outside of the British Americas. Panelists who have already been confirmed will explore connections between homesickness and food in the American colonies and the effects of migration on Roman Catholic religious practice in Maryland.


In order to submit a panel proposal, we require panelists to submit:

  • Paper proposal (no more than 200 words each).
  • Single-page curriculum vitae.
  • Indication of any special requests, such as audio-visual equipment.

Please send submissions and enquiries to or