Journal of Southern History, Vol. 88, No. 4

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The editors of the Journal of Southern History announce the publication of the November 2022 issue. Southern Historical Association members can look for their copies in the mail soon, and it is available online via Project MUSE (
“In Reference to the Death of Isham”: Slavery, Law, and Their Afterlives
By Julia W. Bernier and Justin Simard
Reconciling the New Navy: Hilary Abner Herbert and the End of Reconstruction in America
By Colin McConarty
Sophia Devereux Turner and the Troubled Female Mind in the Late-Nineteenth-Century South
By Sylvia D. Hoffert
Reenvisioing Richmond’s Past: Race, Reconciliation, and Public History in the Modern South, 1990–Present
By Marvin T. Chiles
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