Seeking Third Panelist for the SHA 2023 Annual Meeting

Alexander Bowen's picture

Hello H-South, 

I am a first year PhD student at the University of Georgia. My colleage Cal and I are trying to put together a panel for the Southern Historical Association's 2023 annual meeting in Charlotte, NC, and need a third member. Our panel will examine how economic change has historically driven social change in the U.S. South. 

My essay will discuss how Florida's transition away from intensive cotton planting after the Civil War influenced the planter class in Leon County, Florida. In particular, I am looking at how the planter class's fall from the top of Florida's economic hierarchy brought a decline in the antebellum elites' sociopolitical power and how this motivated some planters to move southward to restart in the citrus and sugarcane industries. 

Cal's essay examines how deindustrialization in Piedmont South Carolina, a region long dependent on textile mills for jobs, impacted residents in mill villages and the state's upcountry, broadly. He examines this phenomenon by looking at newspaper records, correspondences between mill workers and their government representatives, and how the federal and state governments acted in response to mill closures. 

If you are interested in joining our panel, please contact me at The deadline to submit panel proposals is September 14. 

- Alex Bowen