Looking for fellow panelists for SHA 2023 Proposal

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Hello all,

I am a third year PhD Student in environmental and urban history of the US south at Arizona State and I am looking for potential panelists for a session proposal at SHA 2023. 

My paper looks at the aftermath of the Swamp and Overflow Land Act of 1849, the break in Sauve's Crevasse in New Orleans, and the resulting surveys and reports on the Lower Mississippi River as a part of the larger timeline of water and flood management in New Orleans as it shifted from private to local to state to federal control with the creation of the Mississippi River Commission in 1879.

If anyone is already working on a panel with such topics, or would like to form one, please reach out.


Erica Price

Hi Erica, not sure if this is a fit, but let me know: I study the relationship between religion and infrastructure development in the South during the nineteenth and early twentieth century. A major part of my work has been examining the ways religious concepts emerged alongside cultures of expertise in contexts of swamp drainage and other forms of land transformation. I can say more about a specific paper proposal if you'd like--Feel free to reach out at iellis@unc.edu if you think my work might be a fit for the kind of panel you'd like to propose.


Hi Isaiah (and to everyone who has reached out to me via email as well about the panel)

I want to thank everyone for their interest in the topic of the panel I would like to put together. I haven’t even checked back with this post because within just a day or so of the original post we had a full panel!

As a grad student putting together my first conference panel I wasn’t sure what to expect but I am blown away by how quickly it took off!

Isaiah, I saw another call for panelists on H-South that seemed to be really geared toward religion and I think that would be a good fit. Have you see that post?

Thanks again, all,


Thanks for letting me/us know! Excited to see what the panel ends up looking like.