Southern History and Civil Rights in the News 26 February 2021

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Southern History and Civil Rights in the News

26 February 2021


A lot of the news this week focused on African American women in the Civil Rights movement. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote about Ella Baker, whose “legacy represents the historically undervalued contributions of Black women in the fight for social justice and equal treatment.” KIFI, the dual ABC/CBS affiliate in Idaho, reported on the ways in which women were sidelined in the classic civil rights movement, beginning with the tale of Claudette Colvin, the fifteen year old who refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus nine months before Rosa Parks, and how that is changing in the contemporary movement. The St. Louis American published a profile of Colvin along with the backstory of why the NAACP waited until Parks was arrested before challenging the segregation on Montgomery Buses.


Some good news this week: The House once again passed the Equality Act. Rolling Stone featured news on its reintroduction to the House here, and a particularly powerful endorsement from Rep. Al Green here. The New York Times reported on the contentious debate on the floor, occurring simultaneously with Senate committee hearings, during which Dr. Rachel Levine, who could become the nation’s first transgender woman to receive Senate confirmation, was, in their words, “attacked,” underscoring the need for the Equality Act. Also, the state of Minnesota completed the return of 114 acres of land to the Lower Sioux Indian Community. As the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported, the transfer was approved by the legislature in 2017, but received final approval from the state’s Historical Society earlier this year.


And two stories are out about a possible FBI/NYPD conspiracy in the murder of Malcolm X. CBSN, the NYC affiliate, reported that new evidence has been turned over the District Attorney’s office, while KWWL (Waterloo, Iowa) also ran a story on the new evidence.


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