Query: 1807 exploration map - Van Diemen's Land

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Hi everyone,

This is a very long-shot, but I'm hoping someone may happen to have photographed a specific map held at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich (UK). It is this exploration chart which shows an early European exploration in the north of (now) Tasmania. I suspect it will be a while before I get to the UK again so am wondering if there is a slim chance that someone might have a photo of this one in their collections, before I attempt more formal paths.

I have a version from the Tasmanian Archives, but have also seen a poor copy of a poor microfilm of the Greenwich version. It looks like there are some differences which relate to my interest in this chart. 

(University of Tasmania)

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Hi Imogen,

If you email library@rmg.co.uk they may well be able to make a research scan for you. The Caird library’s remote scanning service, developed during lockdown, is really very good. Sometimes with very large format items they can’t fit material on the scanner, but they will be able to let you know what’s possible logistically.

Megan Barford
(Curator of Cartography, NMM Greenwich)

Thanks Megan! It wasn't immediately clear who I needed to contact – working that out was next on my list of options. That's very helpful, thank you!