QUERY: Podcasts & other recorded lectures on the history of cartography?

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Dear Colleagues,

Here and there over the years I've come across interesting podcasts and taped lectures (sometimes audio only, sometimes with video) on particular mapmakers or map themes in thie history of cartography.  Does anyone know of a good list of these?  Or just know of an example or two you'd like to share?  I've been thinking that these might be fun resources to incorporate into cartographic history courses that must continue online for the foreseeable future.

A couple to get the list started:

John W. Hessler, "Thoreau, His Maps, and His Image of Nature" (2009), talk at the Osher Map Library:  https://web.archive.org/web/20150917132036/http://blogs.usm.maine.edu/publicaffairs/archives/1481

Mark Monmonier, Susan Schulten, Ward Kaiser, and Allen Carroll, "Maps as Propaganda" (2001), The Kojo Nnamdi Show, NPR:  https://thekojonnamdishow.org/shows/2001-06-04/maps-propaganda


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Hello Brian:

I've done a few podcasts on the history of cartography lately. Here are two, then a third from the British Library Map Room:

New Books Network interview for New Books in American Studies, Carrie Lane, December 20 2019. https://newbooksnetwork.com/susan-schulten-a-history-of-american-in-100-...

Utah Public Radio. http://www.upr.org/post/history-america-100-maps-susan-schulten-mondays-...

The British Library also has a map podcast.

Hope this helps!

Hi, Brian,

One podcast that may be of interest is History Hub's  Kingdom, Empire and Plus Ultra: conversations on the history of Portugal and Spain, 1415-1898‘ – Dr Edward Collins (series host), particularly the following episodes:

In Episode 3: Ricardo Padrón – America, the Pacific, and Asia in the Imperial Imagination, Padrón discuses Spanish attempts, in the sixteenth century, to represent and conquer the Pacific as part of the greater Spanish imperial imagination.

In episode 12, Barbara Professor idiscusses the overthrow of the great Aztec city of Tenochtitlan in 1521.

Full series list of episodes: http://historyhub.ie/kingdom-empire-and-plus-ultra



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Here are links to podcasts made from public talks given at The National Archives of the United Kingdom, Kew, Surrey, and a host of blogs about maps or using them, written by map and other specialists over the years, as need or interest prompted.  The latest blog on early military mapmakers, posted 4 May 2020, describes a current project.  They are available on The National Archives website under the headings Podcasts and Blog -  curator knowledge steered a course through the gamut of broader subjects from medieval monks to modern spies, to avoid distraction from other fascinating topics and provide a more mappy focus for this list.

You’ll find more general information on The National Archives maps microsite.

 Rose Mitchell, Map archivist, The National Archives of the United Kingdom


Map-related podcasts and blogs from The National Archives of the United Kingdom:


Tithe maps, by Rose Mitchell

Lines on the map: records of international boundaries, by Rose Mitchell

Hidden treasures? Uncovering maps among the files of government, by Andrew Janes

Exploding the mysteries of the Bomb Census, by Andrew Janes

The Enclosure Map Project, by Emma Down and Matt Hillyard

Map-related blogs

Early military mapmakers, by Emma Down

About our book, Maps: their untold stories, by Rose Mitchell and Andrew Janes

The Valuation Office Survey of c.1910, by Rose Mitchell and London in Valuation Office Survey records, on the Layers of London project website

Valuation Office Survey; a case study of Forty Hall, Enfield, by Andrew Janes

The National Farm Survey of the Second World War, Digging for Victory, by Andrew Janes

How purpose shapes types of maps, by Andrew Janes

Identifying places on historical maps, by Andrew Janes

Customising historical maps, by Andrew Janes

Maps in government, by Andrew Janes

Geological maps, by Andrew Janes

The Great Exhibition map on a glove, by Andrew Janes

Harry Johnston’s map to divide Africa, by Andrew Janes

First map for the blind, by Andrew Janes

Lady Land Registry mapping staff in the 1930s, by Andrew Janes

The UK-Eire maritime boundary, by Andrew Janes

Maps of places called London, by Andrew Janes

Place names, in the Traces through Time data mining project, by Matthew Hillyard

Conservation of railway plans, by Alison Archibald

Children drawing maps event, by Annie Davis of our Education Team, using maps from Maps: their untold stories


Blogs on other subjects that feature some maps:

An early French explorer at Timbuktu, with his manuscript map, by Juliette Desplat

King’s Road, Chelsea, by Andrew Janes

First World War soldiers in Macedonia, operations and antiquities by Michael McGrady

The Sykes-Picot Agreement, by Juliette Desplat

The Munich Agreement, by Daniel Gilfoyle and Andrew Janes

The start of the London Blitz, by Emma Down, with a plan from a Bomb Census records

Doodlebug, by Andrew Janes, with a Bomb Census plan and case study, also London

The bombing of the Café de Paris, and the demise of Ken ‘Snakehips’ Johnson, dance band leader, by Andrew Janes

D Day operational records at The National Archives by George Hay