QUERY: Information on a reversed map on a sundial

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Dear Colleagues,

I've been passed along a map from a scholar who is trying to figure out some more about an unusual map. It is pasted onto a basic sundial, made in Nuremberg in 1599. It shows the Atlantic but is left-right reversed. We don’t know if the torn off reference / signature at the bottom (LEVINVS HVLSIVS F. [Norimbergae.] 1599) is spurious or useful.  Check out the map and let me know any thoughts!

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This looks interesting - it appears to be a version of a sundial-diptych mounted incorrectly.

For an illustration and a discussion of a similar object from 1598, see: Reinhard Folk: "Uffenbach's 'Zeitweiser' published 1598". In: The Compendium (Journal of the North American Sundial Society Vo 21/3 (Sept. 2014), pp. 4-13.


This is all very helpful!

A follow-up from my colleague:

It seems like the map is a gnomonic projection of the lines of longitude at hour angles showing noon at locations on an earth hemisphere centered at Nuremberg. It essentially shows solar “time zones.” The map is set a bit skew, since the hole for the string gnomon should go through the North Pole on the map.

Here is a follow up question. What is the prime meridian on this map? 0 / 360 is a line that goes through Morocco, Spain, and the western tip of England, and Scotland. What meridian standard is this? Cadiz? What does this tell us about the source map?