H-Ukraine Resources

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Calls for Papers

     Find calls for conference papers, journal articles, book chapters, reviewers, and other scholarly works here.

Conference and Event Announcements and Proceedings

  Find information about upcoming and past conferences and proceedings here.

Departments and Programs

     Find information about academic departments and programs here.

Dissertations and Theses in Progress

     Dissertations and Theses in Progress in the field of Ukrainian Studies can be found here. Presence on the list is voluntary.

Jobs Related to Ukraine

    Browse jobs related to Ukraine, including positions in Ukrainian Studies, Russian & Soviet Studies, and Eastern European Studies here. 

Journals and Publications of Interest

    Find links to and updates on journals and publications related to the field of Ukrainian Studies here. 

Professional Associations and Development

     Resources related to professional associations and professional development are posted here.

Resources for Researchers

      Find information about archives, museums, sources, funding, and other research-related projects here.  

Teaching Resources

     Teaching Resources of all kinds can be found here, including syllabi, modules, media for classroom use, tips, etc.