Journal ToC: Feminist Critique. Special Issue. 5 (2022)

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Feminist Critique: East European Journal of Feminist and Queer Studies

Feminist Critique publishes papers on a wide range of topics that have, however, strong feminist and/or queer-theoretical positionality. We consider feminism broader than merely debates on women's rights and gender equality, and we see queer theory as more than a discussion on LGBT. We take feminism and queer theory as a tool for critical analysis of the implications of power, knowledge, and politics through which various “others” are constructed and naturalized, and global and local regimes of inequalities are established and maintained.

Guest editors of the issue: Katharina Wiedlack (Vienna University), Olenka Dmytryk (Cambridge University), Syaivo (activist) & Liza Belorusova (activist)
You can download or read the special issue online using the link below.