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Summer-Autumn 2021

Stephen M. Norris, ed. Museums of Communism. New Memory Sites in Central and Eastern Europe. (Indiana University Press, 2020). June 18, 2021.

Juliane Fürst. Flowers Through Concrete. Explorations in Soviet Hippieland. (Oxford University Press 2021). June 24, 2021.

Stephen V. Bittner. Whites and Reds. A History of Wine in the Lands of Tsar and Commissar. (Oxford University Press, 2021). July 1, 2021.

Marta Dyczok. Ukraine Calling. A Kaleidoscope from Hromadske Radio 2016-2019 (Ibidem Press, 2021).  July 9, 2021.

Margarita M. Balmaceda. Russian Energy Chains. The Remaking of Technopolitics from Siberia to Ukraine to the European Union. (Columbia University Press, 2021). August 13, 2021.

Volodymyr Vynnychenko. Disharmony and Other Plays. Translated by George Mihaychuk (Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press, 2020). August 13, 2021.

Vladislav Davidzon. From Odessa with Love. Political and Literary Essays in Post-soviet Ukraine (Academica Press, 2020). September 27, 2021.

Patrice M. Dabrowski. The Carpathians. Discovering the Highlands of Poland and Ukraine (Northern Illinois University Press, 2021). October 1, 2021.

Olesya Khromeychuk. A Loss. The Story of a Dead Soldier Told by His Sister (Ibidem Press, 2021). October 6, 2021.

John-Paul Himka. Ukrainian Nationalists and the Holocaust. OUN and UPA's Participation in the Destruction of Ukrainian Jewry, 1941-1944 (Ibidem Press, 2021). October 12, 2021.

Jeffrey Veidlinger. In the Midst of Civilized Europe. The Pogroms of 1918-1921 and the Onset of the Holocaust (Metropolitan Books, 2021). October 12, 2021.

Serhii Plokhy. The Frontline. Essays on Ukraine's Past and Present (Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, 2021). October 27, 2021.

Yuri Kostenko. Ukraine's Nuclear Disarmament. A History. (Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, 2020). November 9, 2021.

Svitlana Biedarieva, ed. Contemporary Ukrainian and Baltic Art. Political and Social Perspectives, 1991-2021 (ibidem Press, 2021). November 16, 2021.