Workshop of the German-Ukrainian Historians’ Commission DUHK “Genocide in History and Law”

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Young Researchers’ Workshop of the German-Ukrainian Historians’ Commission DUHK “Genocide in History and Law”


Berlin, 14-15 September 2021

Applications are accepted till the 15th of May 2021.

The workshop is led by professor Tanja Penter (Heidelberg) and professor Gelinada Grinchenko (Kharkiv).

The classification of mass crimes as genocide, according to the UN Genocide Convention (1948) drafted by Raphael Lemkin, has become a political issue today and is claimed by various victim groups. Ukrainians also claim for their nearly four million victims of the Great Famine (1932-1933) that it constituted genocide of the Ukrainian people caused by the Soviet regime led by Stalin. Under President Viktor Yushchenko, the Holodomor was declared a genocide of the Ukrainian people by parliamentary resolution in 2006. Since then, Ukraine has been trying to achieve this recognition internationally, as recently in a corresponding petition to the Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag.

Within the framework of the workshop for German and Ukrainian doctoral and advanced master students from the fields of history and law, we would like to discuss the topic broadly and interdisciplinarily, using selected historical case studies (e.g. Armenians, Herero and Nama, Jews, Sinti and Roma, Tutsi/Rwanda, Bosniaks/Srebrenica, etc.). Among other aspects, we want to discuss, which application the concept of genocide has found in historical and legal scholarship, under which historical contexts the UN Genocide Convention came into being in the aftermath of WWII and the Holocaust, what scientific and Seite 2 von 2 public controversies it has evoked, and whether an expansion of the definition of the term in the UN Convention is desirable in the future.

The German-Ukrainian Historians‘ Commission invites young researchers to participate in the international workshop in Berlin, where they will have the opportunity to present and discuss their ideas and research projects (master thesis, dissertations). The workshop will constitute of lectures of specialists in this topic, presentations of the participants’ research projects and their discussion. Overall, up to 8 researchers can participate. The group should be composed, as far as possible, of the same number of researchers from Ukraine and Germany. The language of the workshop is English. The participants of the workshop will also have the opportunity to take part in the international annual conference of the German-Ukrainian Historians‘ Commission „The Holodomor in Academic and Public Debates: Ukrainian and European Perspectives“, also planned in Berlin.

The German-Ukrainian Historians’ Commission bears the costs for accommodation and meals. Participants from Ukraine receive a fixed travel reimbursement of 700€, for participants from Germany the cost of a train trip (2nd class) will be refunded.

Please send us your application in English with CV, a short motivational letter and an abstract of your research project (max. 300 words) combined into one pdf-file until the 15th of May 2021 at following address: The workshop program will be announced after the selection of the participants. The workshop is planned as an offline event, but, depending on the corona situation, it may be held in a digital or hybrid format.