Uses of "national revolutions" paradigm in the late and post-Soviet context

Mikhail Akulov Discussion

Dear colleagues, 

I am looking for your suggestions and recommendations. 

Presently I am developing a course comparing various national/decolonial movements triggered by the 1917 Revolution. To an extent, the course represents an attempt at merging different national narratives into a synthetic whole. 

I am reserving a few lectures for the discussion of paradigm of "national revolutions" - and of its uses in the modern, post-Soviet context. I was wondering if you could point to articles/books in English tackling that issue - that is, how those particular narratives began to crystallize, what role they played - or continue to play - in current legitimacy discourses in the former Soviet republics, etc. It would be interesting to juxtapose official and unofficial discourses/commemorations centered on national movements/liberation struggles across different regions of the former empire.

Thank you in advance.