GCE-HSG Research Dissemination Grant: Borderland Studies in Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region

The Center for Governance and Culture in Europe at the University of St. Gallen (GCE-HSG) announces the call for research dissemination grants. The scheme provides funding to support the sharing of academic findings to a broader public. The grant program is a part of the project “Promotion of Cooperation in the Humanities and Social Sciences between Switzerland and the States of the Black Sea Region” funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research, and Innovation.

Call for Papers: Temporality and Material Culture under Socialism

Call for Papers
Conference: Temporality and Material Culture under Socialism
Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz – Max-Planck-Institut, 1–2 July 2021

Deadline: 16 April 2021

This conference focuses on the relationship between temporality and material culture in twentieth-century socialist regimes. We are primarily interested in looking at case studies from the USSR and Europe, but also from other geographical contexts such as Asia, Latin America, and Africa, especially from a comparative perspective.

New Book Announcement: Ottoman Inscriptions in Northern Black Sea Countries


Tütüncü, Mehmet. Karadeniz kuzeyinde osmanli kitabeleri : Ukrayna, Moldova, Rusya,Gürcistan, Litvanya. - Heemstede : SOTA, <2020>. 300 pages ; 24 cm (Corpus of Turkish Islamic inscriptions ; Nr. 19). (paperback)

ISBN: 978-90-6921-023-0

19th volume of Corpus of Turkish Islamic Inscriptions series is devoted to the Inscriptions along the Nothern part of Black Sea Regions. This include Ukrainian territories (excluding Crimea, because abundance of Crimean Inscriptions needs a separate volume) Russia, Georgia, Moldavia and also from Lithuania.


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