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Newsletter No. 2 November 2020

Chair of Entangled History of Ukraine European University Viadrina (Frankfurt/Oder)

Ukrainian Studies Online Colloquium

Our Monday`s Ukrainian Studies Online Colloquium started on November 2, 2020. The opening discussion on the current state and perspectives of Ukrainian studies is now available on our You-Tube Channel.

The presentation by Kateryna Ruban “The Trial of the Worldview: The Abortion Trial in Kharkiv in 1930 and the Birth of the Soviet Doctor at the Crossroads of Female Emancipation and Professional Autonomy” commented by Jan C. Behrends is available here.

The presentation by Simon Muschick “Decentralization Reform in Ukraine – How does the shift of power and duties affect local governance and administration in the newly formed Amalgamated Territorial Communities?” commented by Sophie Lambroschini is available here.

Our Colloquium`s full program is available here. Please register for our Zoom-sessions by sending an email to

New video: “Jews and Christians. Soviet Religious Politics in Berdychiv in 1920s and early 1930s”

A lecture by Bozhena Kozakevych (in German) delivered at the Lecture Series “Science First Hand” of the German-Ukrainian Academic Society (The UKRAINE Network) is now available online.

New publication: The Connexe journal dossier “Divided Memories, Shared Memories. Poland, Russia, Ukraine”

The latest volume of the Connexe: Exploring Post-communist Spaces journal includes the dossier “Divided Memories, Shared Memories. Poland, Russia, Ukraine: History mirrored in Literature and Cinema,” edited by Korine Amacher, Eric Aunoble and Andrii Portnov.