Drahoman Prize for Translation

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The award for translators from Ukrainian to foreign languages founded in 2020 by the Ukrainian Institute, PEN Ukraine, and the Ukrainian Book Institute.


Objective of the Prize 

The Prize seeks to support and acknowledge work of foreign translators who unearth Ukraine's literature to the world, and thus Ukraine, recreated in works of its authors. 

This Prize is awarded for: 

– excellence in translation, and
– contribution to promotion of Ukrainian literature abroad. 


The Prize is eligible for all translators, regardless of their country of residence, who have at least one translated and published either fiction of nonfiction book. Fiction or nonfiction works include prose, poetry, drama and documentary editions (essay, reportage, interview, biography and memoirs). 

The nominated book of the translator must have been published by a foreign publisher within the recent three years, and is compatible with values and principles of the founding organizations. 

The translator's nomination for the Prize can be submitted by the judges, as well as foreign cultural institutions, research centers, publishers, and creative associations. 

The submission includes: 

1. the duly filled-in nomination submission form: https://bit.ly/3hXE58u
2. electronic and paper copies of the nominated book. You can send the paper copy to this address: Український осередок Міжнародного ПЕНклубу, вул.Борисоглібська, 15В, оф. 2, Київ 04070, Україна [PEN Ukraine, 15V Borysohlibska St, Office #2, Kyiv 04070, Ukraine]; electronic to: drahoman.prize@gmail.com

In 2020 submissions are accepted from September 24 to November 30

The jury 

The Prize jury consists of 9 judges. They are reputable writers, translators, linguists, literary scholars, and cultural managers. Regardless of the year in question, the jury includes Director General of the Ukrainian Institute, President of PEN Ukraine and Director of the Ukrainian Book Institute. Other members are approved by the founding organizations on an annual basis. 

Invited judges may be part of the jury for no more than three consecutive years. 

The jury members have the right to engage experts (translators, linguist, literary scholars, diplomats) for consultation regarding the selection process. 

The 2020 jury for the Prize: 

Andriy Kurkov – writer, President of PEN Ukraine
Volodymyr Sheiko – Director General of the Ukrainian Institute
Oleksandra Koval – Director of the Ukrainian Book Institute
Ola Hnatiuk – researcher, professor at National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and University of Warsaw, Vice President of PEN Ukraine
Ostap Slyvynsky – poet and translator
Valentyna Stukalova – manager of book and intellectual projects at Institut francais d'Ukraine [Institute of France in Ukraine]
Natalia Ivanychuk – translator
Yurii Prokhasko – translator
Marko Robert Stech – Ukrainian and Canadian literary scholar and writer 

Selection process 

The laureate is selected in three stages: 

– in the first stage members of the jury make the longlist of candidates, which is to be announced no later than December 15;
– in the second stage judges vote for the shortlist, which is to be announced no later than March 15;
– in the third stage the jury selects the laureate of the Prize by anonymous voting. 

Awarding ceremony 

The name of the laureate is announced during the awarding ceremony which takes place every April in Kyiv. Three Prize finalists shall be invited to participate in the awarding ceremony. 

The laureate of the Drahoman Prize receives a statuette made by a prominent Ukrainian sculptor, a reward of 2 000 EUR (taxes included), as well as additional job opportunities and promotion of his/her works from the Ukrainian Institute and the Ukrainian Book Institute (participation in translation residencies, international fairs and festivals).