What Was Semashko and What Comes Next? Legacy and Innovation in Ukraine's National Healthcare Reforms

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Seminar in Ukrainian Studies | Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute | TCUP
Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 2:30pm to 4:00pm
YouTube (public); Zoom (registration required)

Jennifer J. Carroll, PhD MPH, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Elon University; Adjunct Assistant Professor (Research) of Medicine, Brown University

Ukraine has recently undertaken what are arguably the most ambitious health care reforms that Europe has seen in decades. These reforms create opportunities for the implementation of enormously impactful public health and healthcare strategies, but they must also contend with the legacies of Ukraine’s Soviet and early independent eras, both of which have shaped the habits and habitus of healthcare in Ukraine for generations. Carroll will unpack these recent reforms and share, based on her fieldwork, how ordinary Ukrainians are adopting, resisting, and circumventing the impacts of these remarkable changes. 

Jennifer J. Carroll is a medical anthropologist, research scientist, and subject matter expert on substance use and public health. Her first book, Narkomania: Drugs, HIV, and Citizenship in Ukraine (Cornell, 2019), is an ethnographic study of internationally-funded treatment programs for opioid use disorder in Ukraine and the roles played by social imaginations of people who use drugs on Ukraine’s ongoing geopolitical conflict and war with Russia.

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