(Online event): Was the Holodomor a Genocide?

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Thursday, September 24th, 2020 11am-12:30pm UTC +02

This event is hosted by the Deutsch-Ukrainische Historikerkommission (DUHK)

Among the mass crimes committed by the 20th century's totalitarian regimes, the Holodomor in Soviet Ukraine undeniably holds a special place. If it was genocidal in character remains an open question which the German-Ukrainian Historical Commission wants to explore. At our webinar, five leading experts in the field, Andrea Graziosi (Rome), Yaroslav Hrytsak (Lviv), Georgiy Kasianov (Kyiv), Daria Mattingly (Cambridge), and Martin Schulze Wessel (Munich) will debate this and other questions surrounding the great famine. 

Link to the event: https://lmu-munich.zoom.us/j/97067654336?pwd=aG1oM25KMHhZaktCUHlTS2tlNmJyUT09