2019 Ab Imperio Award Winners

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Asian History / Studies, Russian or Soviet History / Studies, Nationalism History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies

Ab Imperio Quarterly congratulates the winners of the annual Ab Imperio Award for the best study in new imperial history and history of diversity in Northern Eurasia, up to the late twentieth century for 2019.

The award is sponsored by the independent international nonprofit nongovernmental educational organization KRES Poliskola (New York and Riga). See more about the award and the selection procedure.

Ab Imperio Quarterly is an international humanities and social sciences peer-reviewed journal dedicated to studies in new imperial history and the interdisciplinary and comparative study of nationalism and nationalities in the post-Soviet space. The Journal serves as an international forum for scholars reflecting on historical and contemporary encounters with diversity in composite societies.

Ab Imperio 2020 Annual Program is available at https://abimperio.blogspot.com/

Award Winners:

1) Best book:

Paolo Sartori, Pavel Shabley. Eksperimenty imperii: adat, shariat i proizvodstvo znanii v Kazakhskoi stepi (Experiments of the Empire: Adat, Sharia and the Production of Knowledge in the Kazakh Steppe). Mosow: New Literature Review, 2019. 280 p. ISBN: 978-5-4448-1145-0 (in Russian).

Special mention: Dmitry Shumsky. Beyond the Nation-State: The Zionist Political Imagination from Pinsker to Ben-Gurion. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2019. 297 pp. Bibliography. Index. ISBN: 978-0-300-23013-0.

2) Best article in a peer-reviewed academic journal or chapter in a scholarly collection:

David G. Anderson and Dmitry Arzyutov, “The Etnos Archipelago Sergei M. Shirokogoroff and the Life History of a Controversial Anthropological Concept," Current Anthropology, Volume 60, Issue 6 (2019): 741–773.

Special mention: Heather Coleman, “From Kiev across All Russia: The 900th Anniversary of the Christianization of Rus’ and the Making of a National Saint in the Imperial Borderlands," Ab Imperio, Volume 19, Issue 4 (2018): 95–129 (March 2019).

Congratulations to the winners!

The call for nominations for the 2020 publication awards will be announced in the fall.

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