Funding Available for History MA program at Miami University of Ohio

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Our program particularly seeks students whose focus areas parallel our strongest offerings, including: Latin American History, American History, Russia and Eastern European Studies, and Europe History, post 1300. As one of the few graduate programs to offer full funding, the department also prides itself in providing a flexible course of study, personal mentoring, research and conference funding, plus professional development. 

The Department of History strives to fulfill Miami University's mission of promoting liberal learning and education through: transmittal and respect for the human past; encouraging understanding of the diversity of peoples throughout the world; transformation of academically ambitious students into lifelong learners and thoughtful citizens; and introduction to scholarly research in the classroom and in the wider world of the public to help frame local, national and global issues.

If you have students interested in post-grad studies or faculty members curious about our program, feel free to have them contact me directly. I also attached a poster that highlights our programs, which you might share at your university.

I thank you for your attention and look forward to hearing from your students and/or professors. Deadline for program application is January 15, 2020.

Nishani Frazier, Associate Professor

Director of Graduate Students

Department of History

Miami University of Ohio


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